Newspapers over 75,000:

Lethal Doses: Radiation That Kills by The Cleveland Plain Dealer 
Dave Davis and Ted Wendling 
Documents deaths and injuries resulting from faulty radiation administration in hospitals

George Peach by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch 
Michael D. Sorkin and Louis Rose 
Investigates the chief prosecutor, who for 10 years lived a double life by cracking down on prostitutes during the day and frequenting them with stolen money at night

“Eight more women accuse Adams: Allegations of two decades of sexual harassment, abuse – and a rape” by The Seattle Times 
David Boardman, Susan Gilmore, Eric Nalder and Eric Pryne 
Investigates a pattern of sexual harassment by U.S. Sen. Brock Adams of Washington


Newspapers under 75,000:

Unequal Protection: The Racial Divide in Environmental Law by
Marianne Lavelle, Marcia Coyle and Claudia MacLachlan 
The National Law Journal
Uncovers a pattern of unequal enforcement of federal environmental laws in minority communities



Sea of lies by Newsweek 
John Barry and Roger Charles 
Investigates the cover-up behind the shooting of an Iranian civilian airliner by the U.S. Navy

Bush’s ruling class by Common Cause 
Jeffrey Denny, Viveca Novak, Vicki Kemper, Peter Overby and Amy Young 
Finds an elite group of campaign contributors who enjoyed extraordinary influence with the Bush campaign


Television, Networks:

Food Lion by ABC Primetime Live
Lynne Neufer Litt, Richard Kaplan, Susan Barnett and Diane Sawyer  
Investigation reveals that the Food Lion supermarket routinely puts new expiration dates on rotten food

To Prove Them Innocent by ABC News 20/20
Rob Wallace, Bob Brown and Victor Newfeld
Proves the innocence of three men wrongly convicted of rape in a small town in Pennsylvania


Television, larger markets:

Abuse for sale by WCCO-TV (Minneapolis)
Steve Eckert, Patrick Weiland, Peter Molenda and Brad Koop
Series spotlights a Minnesota man who made and marketed hard-core child pornography

Cops and Robbers by WMAQ-TV (Chicago) 
Art Norman, Marsha Bartel, Doug Longhini, Kate Smyser and Dennis Sampler 
Series about hundreds of Chicago policemen who were hired despite previous criminal records

“Carol Moseley Braun: The Medicaid scandal” by WMAQ-TV (Chicago)
Paul Hogan, Doug Longhini, Kate Smyser, Marsha Bartel, Barbara Bohusz and Dennis Sampler  
Investigates then-senatorial candidate Carol Mosely Braun’s questionable handling of a large sum of money belonging to her mother