Newspaper over 75,000:

The Making of an Empire: Unsolved Puzzle by Providence Journal-Bulletin 
Tracy Breton, Ira Chinoy, Russell Garland, Dean Starkman and John Sullivan 
Over the year, the Journal-Bulletin exposed an array of wrongdoing at the state Supreme Court, including a theft of court funds and a subsequent cover-up, a secret court bank account, rampant patronage hiring, the assignment of legal work to business partners, and more.

The Philadelphia Inquirer 
Gilbert M. Gaul and Neill A. Borowski 
An investigaton into the magnitude and cost of non-profit organizations

White gold: Georgia’s kaolin industry by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution 
Charles Seabrook, Richard Whitt and Joey Ivansco 
Investigates the $1 billion Kaolin industry, which opperates in seven counties in Middle Georgia, finding that it operates in almost total secrecy


Newspapers under 75,000:

The plutonium experiment by Albuquerque Tribune
Eileen Welsome 
The series describes the lives of five people who had been unwittingly injected with plutonium between 1945-1947 in radiation experiments during the Cold War

Bond for deed: Paying the priceby News-Democrat (Belleville, Ill.) 
David Migoya 
This three-part series details how landlords Arnold Cohn and Edwin J. Siero Sr overcharge buyers, and revealed that the city’s four banks make few loans to East St. Louisans, leaving residents with little choice but to buy a home bond for deed

The Sinful Messiah by the Waco Tribune-Herald 
Mark England and Darlene McCormick 
“The Sinful Messiah” is the story of David Koresh and his followers. The focus of the series was the Davidians’ collections of weaponry and Koresh’s belief that all girls and women “belonged” to him.


Network television program

In Our Children’s Food by Frontline/WGBH-TV (Boston) 
Martin Koughan and Jan von Mehren 
This report explores what is and is not known about the risks of agricultural pesticides. It shows how the government has failed to certify the safety of pesticides that have been used for decades

Crossing the Line by Canadian Broadcasting Corporation 
Susan Teskey, Jock Ferguson and Laura Robinson 
The investigation finds that male coaches have preyed on female athletes in sports clubs, universities and national teams

That’s what friends are for? by ABC News – Day One 
Hal Gessner and William Kistner 
The story examines the often bitter experiences of Dionne Warwick and the Warwick Foundation, and exposes the mismanagement and extravagance that led to a dismal bottom line


Television, smaller markets:

Sister Sludge by KGTV (San Diego) 
Stephen Clark, J.W. August and Rhett Lawrence 
The investigation uncovers dumping of processed human waste onto farmers’ fields.

Autistic Abuse/Silent victims by Canadian Broadcasting Company (Alberta)
Brian Murphy and Matt McClure  
This story is about the physical abuse at the Delvee Ranch, a home for autistic adults near Claresholm, Alberta.



Gone in the Night
David Protess and Rob Warden
The book is about the wrongful murder conviction of a Chicago area man, and the new evidence developed by the authors that helped free him from prison.



Insider loans at non-profit medical providers by WBUR-FM (Boston) 
Andrew Caffrey 
The story discloses a widespread pattern of insider loans by hospitals and doctors’ groups to their senior executives and physicians.