Small Newspapers:

Syracuse Herald-Journal 
Erik Kriss and Jon Craig 
An investigation into the State Legislature’s expenditure of tax dollars.

Virgin Islands Crime: Who’s to Blame?by Virgin Islands Daily News
Melvin L. Claxton 
A series that looks at crime-fighting efforts in the Virgin Islands.

Medium Newspapers:

Prisoners on Payrollby Dayton Daily News
Russell Carollo and Cheryl Reed
Military prisoners still receive money from the federal government despite their convictions for rape and molestation.

Large Newspapers:

Crime and No Punishmentby the Miami Herald 
Jeff Leen, Don Van Natta, Stephen Doig and Ronnie Green 
An investigation into the criminal justice system in Miami.

Cops on Disability by Newsday
Stephanie Saul and Brian Donovan 
Finds cops claiming disability pensions are still physically active.

Risky Ride by the Boston Globe
David Armstrong, Shelley Murphy and Stephen Kurkjian 
A series that looks at elevator safety


It’s All in Your Head by Washington Free Press 
Eric Nelson and Mark Worth 
Workers suffer various illnesses after exposure to chemicals at Boeing plants.

Television, larger markets:

H.I.S.D. Bilingual Teachers by KTRK-TV (Houston) 
Wayne Dolcefino Noe Cadena and David Raziq 
Investigates bilingual teachers who do not speak English and are unable to pass basic tests.

Toxic Testing by KTCA-TV (St. Paul, Minn.)
Melody Gilbert and Rita Beatty  
Investigation finds that the Army secretly sprayed Americans with toxic chemicals.

Television, Network:

Clinical Evidence by ABC PrimeTime Live 
Chris Wallace, David Kelley, Bonnie Goldstein, and Ceil Sutherland 
Investigates rampant medicare fraud in Florida.

Mercy or Money? by ABC News Turning Point
Kathy McManus Deborah Amos and Tom Jarriel 
An investigation into Americans profiting from the war in Bosnia.

Tom Renner Award:

Jihad in America by PBS
Steve Emerson and Martin Koughan 
An investigation into the operations of Islamic fundamentalist groups in America


Tankers Full of Trouble
Eric Nalder  
Looks at the risks men and women take working on oil tankers.