2012 Philip Meyer Award winners

These awards will be presented at the 2013 CAR Conference in Louisville, KY.

The contest, for work published or broadcasted between October 2011 and October 2012, attracted entries from across the country. Stories are available to IRE members through the IRE Resource Center. Click on a story link below or contact us at 573-882-3364 or rescntr@ire.org.

First Place

“Cracking the Codes”, The Center for Public Integrity
Fred Schulte, Joe Eaton, David Donald, Liz Lucas and Gordon Witkin

The series documented how thousands of medical professionals have steadilybilled Medicare for more complex and costly health care over the past decade –adding $11 billion or more to their fees – despite little evidence elderly patientsrequired more treatment.

Second Place

“Methadone and the Politics of Pain”, The Seattle Times
Michael J. Berens and Ken Armstrong 

Berens and Armstrong’s investigation found that patients on Medicaid in Washington were being steered to use the narcotic methadone as a painkiller because it was cheaper than safer alternatives, while at least 2,173 people had overdosed on the drug since 2003.

Third Place

“Shades of Mercy: Presidential Pardons”, ProPublica
Dafna Linzer, Jennifer LaFleur, Krista Kjellman Schmidt and Liz Day 

This project exposed a system in which race, privilege and bureaucracy combinedto frustrate justice and, probably unintentionally, institutionalize racism in the21st century.