Broadcast Show & Tell

Show & Tell sessions allow you to share your investigations with colleagues from around the country. Veteran broadcasters will moderate each session. Each slot runs for 10 minutes and includes a 5-minute break.

When to sign up:

  • Thursday sign-ups open at 9 am on Wednesday, June 15
  • Friday sign-ups open at 9 am on Thursday, June 16
  • Saturday sign-ups open at 9 am on Friday, June 17

The buttons below will activate at those times.

How to sign up: Click the button below to access the schedule. Select an available slot, then enter your name and email address to confirm. You don’t need a SignUpGenius account to use the system, but we recommend you get one if you think you might want to change your slot. If you opt not to sign up for an account, please be sure to check the box to receive a confirmation email. If you have trouble accessing the schedule, email IRE Web Editor Sarah Hutchins at [email protected].

Location: All sessions will take place in Galerie 2





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Show & Tell Rules

This is a laboratory – in research, writing, editing, production, on-air presence, and all things broadcast.

  • Please don’t go over your total time allotted: 10 minutes.
  • Please do not show any tape longer than 5 minutes. The idea is for others to learn from your experience and for you to learn from them.
  • Only one story/piece per person at the conference.
  • This is a place to grow. People want a fair, honest and civil critique.

If you have any concerns about these rules, feel free to contact IRE Board members Matt Goldberg (408-234-0801), Phil Williams (615-948-3386) or Nicole Vap (303-903-1262).