Tipsheets & Links

  • Session materials from panels, demos and hands-on classes at the 2017 IRE Conference will be added to this page.

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(More than) 10 data sources you may never have heard of (Hosted by Donald W. Reynolds National Center for Business Journalism)




Welcome first-timers: Get a button and conference tips

Prisons and jails (Sponsored by Criminal Justice Journalists)

The person on the other end of the phone: Working with corporate communicators during a crisis

Following the money (Sponsored by Bloomberg)

Investigating the tech industry

Sourcing people of color: Going beyond the community leader (Sponsored by NABJ Region III)

Best of broadcast (Sponsored by National Association of Broadcasters)

What’s up with LinkedIn?: Navigating the latest changes (Sponsored by Knight Foundation)

Year in investigations

Digging into nonprofits

Mastering the investigative interview

Arizona Project Legacy: Protecting journalists from new threats

Examining hospitals: From finances to lawsuits (Sponsored by Bloomberg)

Investigating inequality (Sponsored by Ida B. Wells Society)

Broadcast: State of the state (Sponsored by National Association of Broadcasters)

Not-for-TV video: Shooting tips for non-broadcast reporters (Sponsored by Knight Foundation)

Management: Why won’t you just do what I want? Fixing the reporter-editor relationship

Winners announcement: Knight prototype call for ideas to improve the flow of accurate information (Hosted by Knight Foundation)

Battling FERPA and cracking campus secrecy

Leaks, leakers and the law

Storytelling that hums: What investigative reporters can learn from song, film, fiction & art

When mental health and criminal justice collide

Broadcast: Deep dive I (Sponsored by National Association of Broadcasters)

Research Oasis (Sponsored by Knight Foundation)

Data on deadline

Predator and prey: Investigating child exploitation and sex trafficking in your community

Best fact-checking practices

Investigating hate (Sponsored by Mother Jones, New America Media and ProPublica)

Management: How to create a watchdog culture that permeates every desk in your newsroom

Watchdogging the court system

Broadcast: Investigating in breaking news (Sponsored by National Association of Broadcasters)

Watchdogging nonprofits with Charity Navigator (Sponsored by Knight Foundation)

Revenge: When journalists become the target

Don’t believe the hype: How to report on a scientific study

The art of access: Strategies for acquiring public records in an increasingly anti-media world

Open season on consumers

Year in CAR

Police: The challenge of immigration enforcement and policing reform (Sponsored by Criminal Justice Journalists)

Broadcast: 60 stories in 60 minutes (Sponsored by National Association of Broadcasters)

Setting PDF data free with Cometdocs (Sponsored by Knight Foundation)

The Storytellers Project presents: The life and legacy of Don Bolles (Sponsored by USA TODAY NETWORK)

Writing the investigative book

Exposing police surveillance (Sponsored by Media Democracy Fund)

Separating fact from fiction in covering health care

Prepping for the next election

From the human toll of border crossings to Assad’s authorization of mass killings: Exploring Livingston Award winning stories with the Knight Foundation

Broadcast: Editing and beyond (Sponsored by National Association of Broadcasters)

Facebook Live (Live!) (Sponsored by Knight Foundation)



Interactive data graphics in Tableau Public (Hosted by Tableau)

Show where the story is happening with maps in Tableau Public (Hosted by Tableau)

Finding and telling data stories with Tableau Public (Hosted by Tableau)

Overview of data journalism curriculum for universities (Hosted by Tableau)

Excel 1: Getting started with spreadsheets

Excel 2: Functions and pivot tables

Excel 3: Advanced tools

Getting data into Excel

Torturing Excel into doing statistics

Scraping without programming

Map camp: QGIS



How to enter the IRE Awards

Ask a nerd – Answers to your questions about all the things

Let’s file one ambitious FOIA together

O’Brien Fellowships: $65,000 in support of nine-month investigative reporting projects

Building a CAR community that never stops learning



IRE Mentoring Program networking breakfast (Sponsored by Google and Scripps Howard Foundation)

Watchdogging K-12 education

Management: How to edit the data story when you don’t do data

Bailing out: Pretrial release reform (Sponsored by Criminal Justice Journalists)

Looking in the mirror: Investigating the media

Digging deeper during breaking news

Managing student investigations

Broadcast: Consumer investigations (Sponsored by National Association of Broadcasters)

Tools for shining light on dark money (Sponsored by Knight Foundation)

Investigating disability issues (Sponsored by National Center on Disability and Journalism)

Find environmental violators in your community, before the regulations disappear

Investigating inequality in higher education (Sponsored by Lumina)

Covering Muslim America (Sponsored by Asian American Journalists Association)

Digging with documents

How to collaborate and not hate each other

Broadcast: Building the team (Sponsored by National Association of Broadcasters)

DocumentCloud tools and tricks (Sponsored by Knight Foundation)

Management: Editing investigative projects that cross mediums

Sustaining accountability journalism: What recent research shows

Covering cold cases

Speed critiques for yungins’ (Sponsored by Google)

Deep dive into border stories (Sponsored by UNITY)

Watchdogging the military

Broadcast: Interviews that stand out (Sponsored by National Association of Broadcasters)

Perfecting the 15-minute background check – and why you should do it every time you quote someone (Sponsored by Knight Foundation)

International Luncheon (Sponsored by Global Investigative Journalism Network & Investigative Reporting Workshop at American University)

Media lawyers brown bag 

New tools for price-tagging development incentives, a.k.a. “corporate welfare”

Brain flipping: Tips for switching between the sides of your brain

Finding, nurturing and protecting sources

Turning your investigation into a podcast

Covering rising violent crime in America

Watchdogging weed

Broadcast: Deep dive II (Sponsored by National Association of Broadcasters)

Under pressure: Real life in real time with breaking news (Sponsored by Knight Foundation)

Funding for freelance investigations: Whom to ask and how to ask (Sponsored by The Fund for Investigative Journalism)

Investigating special education

Handling massive files, leaked data and documents

“Ongoing investigation”: Tricks to getting around tough PIOs

The art of investigative storytelling

Promoting the investigation

Broadcast: Breaking the mold (Sponsored by National Association of Broadcasters)

Digital options with limited resources (Sponsored by Knight Foundation)

Showcase: Pursuing the truth



Let’s make some internet: Web development for beginners

Command line for reporters

Data analysis from the command line

Building custom search tools for investigative projects (Hosted by Caspio)

Python 1

Python 2

SQL 1: Intro

SQL 2: Grouping and summing

SQL 3: Joining tables

Murder, you Wrote

Excel 1: Getting started with spreadsheets (repeat)

Excel 2: Functions and pivot tables (repeat)

Digging into data: A crash course in storytelling



Ask an ethicist

Your investigation is done – make it go viral!

Steal our data – localize national stories for your community

How we plan IRE and CAR Conference – and how you can get involved

Let’s get organized! Tips and tools we love




Smart strategies for small newsrooms

Digging into financial documents

The world is flat: Battling fake news

Eric Newton’s slides

Social media sleuthing

New ways to cover addiction and drug enforcement

Covering immigration when you don’t live near a border

Broadcast: Managing your time doing GA and watchdog (Sponsored by National Association of Broadcasters)

Advanced online video techniques (Sponsored by Knight Foundation)

Educators’ roundtable: Best ways to teach investigative reporting

The dark side of amateur sports

A conversation with Jay Rosen

Watchdogging police misconduct

From the inside: A conversation on immersion and undercover reporting

Watchdogging state capitals

Broadcast: Lightning talks (Sponsored by National Association of Broadcasters)

Security tools and techniques for journalists (Sponsored by Knight Foundation)

Management: Hiring to reflect the community you cover

Identifying and solving ethical dilemmas

Digital reporting: Learn from duPont winners

How to make sources the way the spies do

Putting your community under a microscope–and keeping it there

Changing climate, changing weather (Sponsored by Society of Environmental Journalists)

Broadcast: 10 of the most important lessons I have learned (Sponsored by National Association of Broadcasters)

Drawing for a better brain (Sponsored by Knight Foundation)

Management: How to start and run an investigative team

 Investigating Big Ag

Battling fake news: How diversity fosters trust (Sponsored by the Trust Project and Maynard Institute)

Deciphering deals: Reporting on politicians’ conflicts of interest

Explosions, leaks and toxic clouds: How to cover hazardous materials in your area

Investigating privatization of public services (Sponsored by Bloomberg)

Broadcast: Deep dive III (Sponsored by National Association of Broadcasters)

Innovative approaches to storytelling (Sponsored by Knight Foundation)

Going global: Getting internationally networked

Beyond casinos and smoke shops: Covering sovereign nations (Sponsored by the Fund for Investigative Journalism)

Pro Se Power: How to sue for public records on your own

Investigating sexual abuse

Finding the “perfect” example for your investigation

Quick-turn investigations

Broadcast: Rolling out the big investigation (Sponsored by National Association of Broadcasters)

Practical tips to make you look better on Skype/Facetime (Sponsored by Knight Foundation)



Data Fusion for data journalism: Enriching datasets with a graph database

Cleaning data with OpenRefine

Animated videos for storytelling

Getting started with crime data

Mapping in Excel with ArcGIS maps for Office

Intro to R

Slither your way to success: Getting started with Python

Beginner PDF: Unleash the data – tools and tricks for taming PDFs

Intermediate PDF: Using OCR to extract data from PDFs

Next steps with R: Throw away your database software

Using R for spatial analysis and visualization (intermediate)

Finding the story: Immigration

Get your map online with Google Fusion Tables, CartoDB and other simple tools



Transparency by design

How to pry out records and bring cash to your newsroom

Localize that investigation – using AP data to do your own stories

Data rescue

Journalists are people, too – dealing with burnout



Let’s get creepy: Backgrounding tips from a journalist and librarian

Optimizing a news organization for trust: Lessons from De Correspondent’s success in The Netherlands

Exposing religious organizations

Starting over: When you move to a new market

How to become an instant expert using Google: Advanced search methods (Sponsored by Knight Foundation)

Career roundtable

Immigrants are people too: Finding stories in immigration court and detention facilities (Sponsored by Arizona Latino Media Association)

Cool apps and tools for digging deeper

Protect yourself now: The independent writer’s legal guide to contracts, clauses & conundrums

Lessons learned by journalist-turned-private investigator (Sponsored by Knight Foundation)

Backgrounding businesses

Unearthing property tax scandals

Arizona public records challenges and solutions

Lordy, I hope there’s data

Handling your next big email or document dump, FBI-style (Sponsored by Knight Foundation)



Web scraping 101: Harvesting data with Python

Easy, free online dataviz tools

Excel tricks

Finding the story: Environmental data

The fast and the mapped: QGIS basics

IRE open lab