Tipsheets & Links

Session materials from panels, demos and hands-on classes at the 2016 CAR Conference. Are you a NICAR16 speaker with materials we don’t yet have on this list? Send them to



10 great business databases to mine for stories (Sponsored by Donald W. Reynolds National Center for Business Journalism)

Steve Doig

Techraking <=16: Bootstrapping the News (Sponsored by Reveal/The Center for Investigative Reporting)



Getting started: Intro to CAR and the conference

Are you smarter than a fifth grader?

What time, patience & a little OCD can teach you about the interactive news landscape

Cleaning data with OpenRefine

Fusion Tables: Beginner

Getting started: Intro to CAR and the conference

Map Camp *pre-registered attendees only

PyCAR *pre-registered attendees only

Interactive data graphics in Tableau Public (Hosted by Tableau)

The way we look next: Mining past and future census data to predict diversity in race, income and aging

Data verification

Intro to Ruby

Intro to D3

Intro to database manager MySQL I

Tools to handle PDFs

What the hell is D3 and all the other questions you’re afraid to ask?

Designing database applications to increase page views and ad revenues (Hosted by Caspio)

30 (maybe 20) ideas for local energy stories that use data sets that you can access RIGHT NOW

Animated videos for storytelling

Finding stuff online: A journalist’s guide to tracking down information

Working with data in Ruby

Conversations: My own worst enemy – Overcoming imposter syndrome (Sponsored by SRCCON)

Intro to database manager MySQL II

Same as it ever was? New approaches to the same old data

Teaching data journalism and computer-assisted reporting: Your best ideas

Advanced design and interaction in Tableau Public (Hosted by Tableau)

Investigating the legal marijuana trade

Excel for business and economics

Best practices for scraping: From ethics to techniques

The data behind the pixel

Data for breaking news

FOIA Tricks

Finding the story: Health care

Intro to the command line (PC)

Basic Ruby web apps with Sinatra

Solving setup and deployment with (docker) containers

Finding and telling data stories with Tableau Public (Hosted by Tableau)

Stats: An introduction

Algorithmic accountability: Case studies from the field

Autotune: Making reusable graphics

Mining college scorecard data (Sponsored by Lumina Foundation)

Intro to sensor journalism with arduinos

Election: Making the most out of campaign finance and election APIs

Tracking government spending

Command line tools for reporters (PC)

Getting started with Excel

Analyzing networks with Gephi


Grabbing data from websites without scraping

Using formulas in Excel

From arrest to sentencing: How to analyze trends and make comparisons in crime stats (Sponsored by Criminal Justice Journalists)

I always feel like somebody’s watchin’ me

Key data for all of your stories

Stats: Linear regression

Designing Tableau visualizations for mobile (Hosted by Tableau)

What’s the story with algorithms?

Deep dives

A candid discussion on when and how data journalists disclose their methods

Web scraping without programming

PivotTables in Excel

The value of emerging (and failed) tech

Advanced data cleaning with Python: Machine learning techniques

Lessons from a computational political scientist

Visualization and analysis in Python

Building VR interactives with Three.js

Stats: Logistic regression



Finding the story: Crime

Getting started with SQL

Intermediate Python *pre-registered attendees only

Agate for data analysis in Python

Data viz for all: Creating interactive experiences that are usable, accessible, and mobile-friendly

Drones, scrapers and fantasy football for campaign finance

Deep dives: Broadcast

Build your first news app *pre-registered attendees only

Intro to JavaScript

Amazon cloud basics

How to avoid rookie mistakes

Detecting deception: The language of lies

Stats in Excel

Which chart should I use, and why? Information design for the human brain!

Intro to the DOM and jQuery

Getting data into Excel

Data wrangling with Python

Counting & summing with SQL

Why the real-time Web is the new jet fuel for media

Investigating inequality

Can’t afford your own unicorn? Bringing civic hackers into the newsroom

Behind the curtain: What open data looks like from within the government

Intro to Python I

Excel magic

How to keep up: Newsapps teams as lifetime learners

Joining tables with SQL

Finding the story: Time value of money

Intro to Python II

Structured journalism: Creating the atoms of news

Humanizing numbers

Finding insights in connected data: Using graph databases in journalism

Building maps with Leaflet.js

Advanced OpenRefine: Using regular expressions

They’ve got it, you want it: Getting data and docs Web scraping without coding

Media lawyer brown bag

The ethics and law of reporting on hacked data

Reporting and presentation with DocumentCloud

Election: Dark money

Hidden data on exploited workers, programs and more: Using U.S. Visa data for investigations

R basics: Data wrangling with R

Intro to R *pre-registered attendees only

You don’t need a GIS program to make data maps

Data journalists and data teams: Where we are and where we want to go

Advanced Django for data analysis

Map like a pro with ArcGIS Online

Intro to Python III

Digging into data for stories: A crash course

Intro to the command line (Unix)

Visualization and analysis in Python (repeat session)

Election: Reverse-engineering campaign finance stories

Twitter tricks & analytics

Risks and rewards of rolling your own criminal justice data

Advanced SQL for analysis

Lightning-fast data analysis with Tableau

Four tools in 60 minutes

Reproducible research and analysis sharing

So you want to be a lonely coder

Lightning Talks (Sponsored by the Knight Foundation)


Intro to R

CAR wash: Techniques for cleaning dirty data

Getting your feet wet: Data projects you can try anywhere

Build your first news app (Saturday)

The Bot Emporium: A selection of parts, platforms, applications and ideas for your newsroom

Building tools and automation for Node.js

Stats: An introduction (repeat session)

Training your newsroom to look for data and interactive ideas

Beyond chi-square: Is it a fluke?

Beyond crowdsourcing: How to get citizens involved in investigative journalism

Agate for data analysis in Python (repeat session)

Regular expressions

SQLite I

Data wrangling with Python (repeat session)

Election: Digging in on local and state elections

Creating a Twitter bot with Node.js

Digital dark arts

The best admin tools for the job

Right is the new cool

Intro to R (continued)

Stats: Linear regression (repeat session)

QGIS I: Importing and displaying geographic data


How to make Google Earth flythroughs

The data of images: Tools to help analyze, verify, and debunk visuals


Addicted: Revealing hidden communities using substance abuse data

Stats: Logistic regression (repeat session)

QGIS II: Manipulating, editing and analyzing geographic data

Fusion Tables: Advanced

Jobs and career straight-talk: For (and by) young’uns only

The life cycle of a news app

Mapping with CartoDB

R basics: Data wrangling with R (repeat session)

International CAR

The evolution of data journalism education

Python pandas for data analysis

Turning data into damn good audio and video journalism

Delivering the news over HTTPS

The exploding ecosystem of health data

GitHub 101

Digging into data for stories: A crash course 

Ruby web frameworks: Rails

Testing and debugging code in Python

California Code Rush

Parsing prickly PDFs

Under pressure: Real life in real time with breaking news

R basics: Data viz

Spotlight on the story

Practical data viz in JavaScript

Crypto Party

Finding the story: Campaign finance

Intro to Python frameworks

All about the analysis

Digging deeper with social media

R basics: Stats

Scraping the web with Ruby

Creating a Twitter bot with Node.js (repeat session)

Free tools

Command line tools for reporters (Unix)

Command line graphics: How to use your terminal to process tons of images, extract data from photos, make GIFs and movies…and more

The rise of the data selfie

The year in CAR

Investigating Agribusiness: The data and stories behind the untapped field of our food and fuel

GitHub 201

Build tools and automation for Node.js (repeat session)

When correlation is causation

Grabbing data from websites without scraping (repeat session)

Scams and schemes

Intro to Python (repeat session)

Machine learning basics

Creating snackable and shareable dataviz



Election: Sane ways of collecting candidate information

Stats primer: Making sense of data

Finding US data

Just enough Django: Distributed data entry in the newsroom

QGIS I: Importing and displaying geographic data (repeat session)

Digging into data for stories: A crash course 

Seeing like a network: Learning how to think about digital security

R basics: Stats (repeat session)

Automate and supercharge your social media

Open Elections hackathon

Career roundtable

Finding international data

Don’t let the robots win

QGIS II: Manipulating, editing and analyzing geographic data (repeat session)

Working with the AP Elections API

Finding the story: Energy

Advanced OpenRefine: Using regular expressions (repeat session)


Advanced DocumentCloud

Machine learning basics (repeat session)

Finding the story: Bridges

How to use housing data on any beat