NICAR Meetups

Organizing a social event? Looking for something to do outside of conference sessions? You’re in the right place. 

IRE offers this forum as a service to attendees, but the organization is not responsible for these events. Please direct event-specific questions to the organizers listed below.


I’m organizing an event…

Please fill out this form telling us about your event. It can be as formal as a happy hour or bar crawl, or something informal like a running club or game night. We’ll review your information and add it to the list below.

If you have questions or need to modify information you’ve already submitted, please contact Sarah Hutchins at [email protected].


I’m looking for something to do…

Let’s WOD together

What: Checkout a local Crossfit gym with me! (Totally flexible on the time)

Where: One of the local Crossfit gyms (Open to suggestions)

When: March 3, 7-8 am

Who: Nicole Johnson, [email protected]


Lunch for Hacks/Hackers Organizers

What: Hacks/Hackers is buying lunch for all chapter organizers – come catch up, trade ideas and let us know what you’re up to.

Where: Hotel restaurant

When: March 2, 12:30 – 1:30 pm

Who: Samantha Sunne, [email protected] or @samanthasunne


Go running!

What: Training for spring marathon, need to get in a few (ok, more than a few) miles Thurs/Fri/Sat.

Where: Meet in hotel lobby

When: 7-9 am

Who: Mike Wilkinson, [email protected]


Columbia Journalism School Data Journalism Info session

What: Meet professors and learn about our master’s program data concentration, the dual master’s degree in journalism/computer science, or our summer/fall professional education certification program, The Lede, to study computational skills. Read more: & and find out how to raise your CAR game. Meet: Giannina Segnini, Director of Data Programs, and Professors Jonathan Stray and Jeff Kelly Lowenstein.

Where: Jaxx Sports Bar, Hyatt Regency Jacksonville Riverfront (NICAR convention site)

When: March 3, 5-6 pm

Who: Ernest R. Sotomayor, Dean of Students, Columbia J-School, [email protected]


Azavea Data Analytics Team – Maps & Lunch

What: Interested in spatial analysis, maps and cartography for journalism? Come have lunch with Daniel and Esther from Azavea’s Data Analytics team to chat about techniques, projects, and data sources. We love maps and we hope you do to! Lunch is on us.

Where: Fionn Maccools Irish Pub & Restaurant, Jacksonville Landing (a few minutes walk along the river from the convention site)

When: March 4, 12:45 pm

Who: Please RSVP to Esther Needham, [email protected]space is limited. 


Data Drinks!

What: After an amazing day of panels and workshops, let’s meet up for few informal Saturday beers and discover the independent breweries scene in Jacksonville. It will be a great opportunity to know each others better, networking, exchange opinions and projects for the future. (location link:

Where: Aardwolf Brewing Company, 1461 Hendricks Ave, Jacksonville, FL 32207, USA

When: March 4, 6:15 – 11 pm

Who: Daniele Palumbo, [email protected], Phone: +447506742764