Tipsheets & Links

Session materials from panels, demos and hands-on classes at the 2017 CAR Conference. Are you a NICAR17 speaker with materials we don’t yet have on this list? Send them to [email protected].



Techraking: Bootstrapping the News

Gentrification clues: Datasets that predict urban upheaval 



Algorithmic accountability

What the hell is R? And all the other questions you’re afraid to ask

Year in CAR

Working together without sitting together: Building happy, productive distributed teams

Security tools for journalists

Interactive data graphics in Tableau Public


Programming for Humans, in Python

Map camp: QGIS

Carto maps

Google Earth

Intro to commandline (PC)

Excel for business and economics

Investigating hacking and data breaches

Educator huddle: Let’s discuss the future

Sports data: How to play money ball

Packaging data stories for digital

Good things come to those who weight: Conduct more reliable surveys using Veracio

Show where the story is happening with maps in Tableau Public


Programming for Humans, in Python

Map camp: QGIS

Practical data viz in JavaScript

GitHub for journos

Basic stats in R (advanced)

Useful Excel functions for journalists

Better than average: Working with high-dimensional data

Finding narratives in the numbers

Stories waiting to be told with housing data

The election data you should be paying attention to

Structuring your data the right way the first time



Programming for Humans, in Python

Map camp: QGIS

Agate for data analysis in Python

Intermediate: Extracting data from PDFs

Advanced stats in R: Linear and logistic regression (advanced)


Battling burnout in a tweet-breaking world

Building your own database

From drugs to doctors: Uncovering stories in health data

Covering K-12 while battling FERPA

NPR responsive graphics tool

Finding and telling data stories with Tableau Public

Design track: Dataviz workflows – Unexpected ways to use tools to publish print & web graphics

Programming for Humans, in Python

Map camp: QGIS

Security tools for journalists

Analyzing satellite imagery with Google Earth Engine

Intro to Python 1

Getting started with Excel

The agile data analyst: Applying practices from agile software methodologies to data reporting

Bulletproofing your stories

The first 100 days in data

Big data in small organizations: How we created data-driven projects and stories at a startup

Visualizing data with SandDance

Designing Tableau Visualizations for mobile

Design track: Intro to D3

Programming for Humans, in Python

Map camp: QGIS

How to build VR interactives using Digital Elevation Model (DEM) data and Three.js

Scraping data without coding

Intro to Python 2

Using formulas in Excel

How to make data approachable for younger audiences

Investigating racial inequity

Embrace the data! How to turn data into characters in your story

Mining data from the social web


Design track: Intermediate D3

Programming for Humans, in Python

Map camp: QGIS

A hitchhiker’s guide To APIs

Advanced social media sleuthing

Intro to Python 3

PivotTables in Excel


Uncovering the influence

The lone trainer: Ideas for boosting data literacy in your newsroom

The perils, pitfalls and payoffs of working with higher ed data

How to use polls and rankings – and how to tell the good from bad

Kiss your apps goodbye: Saving born-digital news

Show them your everything: Optimizing data journalism for trust

First Python Notebook: Rapid data analysis in the newsroom

Visualization and analysis in Python

Excel Magic

Data crunching in Python (for people who only know Excel)

How to find stories in data: Data exploration and storytelling

Intro to R: Stepping up your analysis game (beginner)

When Excel is not enough, you SQL

Conversations: How to be the caring human being behind the job posting (Sponsored by SRCCON – OpenNews)

The present and future of bots

Brain flipping: Tips for switching between the sides of your brain

Broadcast: Transforming data into knockout visuals

Common foundations for newsroom tools

Gifs for data viz

Designing database applications for community engagement

Excel Magic

Show me the money: Finding compensation gold in proxy statements

Github for journos

Data analysis in R (beginner)

When Excel is not enough, you SQL

Visualizing and understanding uncertainty

Doing data journalism under duress

Jobs and career straight-talk: For (and by) young’uns only

Managing data projects and workflows

GIS with Python: 6 libraries to know

Google trends

Excel Magic

Watch the web for news tips with Klaxon

Data wrangling with Python

Data analysis in Tableau

Gathering and cleaning data with R (intermediate)

When Excel is not enough, you SQL

What’s the impact?

Fighting First Amendment attacks

Unsung data

Exploring environmental data

Data to localize housing and economy stories

First Python Notebook

Advanced PDF manipulation

Design track: Interaction design

QGIS I: Importing and displaying geographic data

Basic D3

Scraping data without coding

News games and simulations

Data & abuse of power

Collaborating with the competition

Phil Meyer Award winners deep dives

Data journalism from space

Intro to Javascript

Design track: User testing – Gathering insight to make better stories

QGIS II: Manipulating, editing and analyzing geographic data

Intermediate D3

Reproducibility and Rmarkdown: How to use R regularly in your newsroom (intermediate)

Lightning Talks



Simple ways to create immersive news stories

Breaking through the Facebook wall: Reporting on Facebook using components of Facebook

Marrying documents and data

Securing data and communications

Drawing for a better brain

Build your first news app

Beginner: Extracting data from PDFs

Under pressure: Real life in real time with breaking news

Intro to R

Geocoding addresses

Stats: An introduction

Advanced analysis in SQL

Intro to database manager MySQL I

Behind the scenes: Electionland

A roundup of international CAR

The art and science of the data story comment request

Securing data and communications

Drones for mapping

Build your first news app

Social media scraping

Mining data from the social web

Public finance and the EMMA website

Intro to R

Advanced pdf manipulation

Stats: Linear regression

Data cleaning in SQL

Intro to database manager MySQL II

Going long on middleform

Negotiating for the records

Investigating bias and influence in criminal justice: Police and prosecutors

Digging through the web

Personalized interactive journeys

Build your first news app

Design track: Using a charting tool

Security tools for journalists

Intro to R

Visualization and analysis in Python

Stats: Logistic regression

Carwash: Data cleaning in Excel

Command line tools for reporters (PC)

What product can do for journalism

Data can only dance with its music: Understanding the ecology of public data

Investigating bias and influence in criminal justice: Judges and beyond

Working with academics

30/60: Thirty of the best free data storytelling tools in sixty mins

Build your first news app

Building your first Leaflet.js map

Visualizing and understanding uncertainty

Using R as a GIS for spatial analysis and visualization (advanced)

Advanced Django for data analysis

Getting started with Access without using SQL

Self-promotion for the data reporter

Protecting endangered data in the Trump era and beyond

Earth, wind and fire: Covering disasters from a data perspective

Quick-turn data stories

Tools to convert lots of PDFs at once

Build your first news app

Command line for reporters

Visualizing and understanding uncertainty

Javascript charts and maps, straight from R (intermediate)

Google Fusion Tables (beginner)

Counting & summing with Access without using SQL

Separating fact from fiction: Information verification

Economic development incentives: old issues, hot new data

Putting your town under a microscope–and keeping it there

Using data to cover immigration

Internet Archive: Resources, tools, and tricks

Build your first news app

Animated videos

Visualizing and understanding uncertainty

Advanced analysis in SQL

Regular expressions

Joining in Access without using SQL



Lighter side of data journalism

Year in CAR (repeat)

Command line graphics

Just enough Django

Finding connections in campaign finance data with graph databases

Twitter tricks and analytics

Getting data into Excel

Stats: Linear regression (repeat)

Career roundtable

Let’s get creepy: Backgrounding tips from a journalist and librarian

Programming best practices

Just enough Django

Data analysis in Javascript and Node.js

ArcGIS Online and the power of Story Maps

Stats: Logistic regression

Outwit, outplay, outlast: How to pull off a student investigation

Social media sleuthing

Flourish: making reusable visualization data

Just enough Django

D3 charting tools

Getting data into Access

Google Fusion Tables (advanced)