Events and training

One of IRE’s primary purposes is educating fellow journalists in the latest techniques of finding, understanding and reporting on stories. We are proud to say we have crisscrossed the globe with our seminars and workshops. Explore our different training options and find an event that fits your schedule.


  • Data in Local Newsrooms

    This program provides free data training to small and midsize newsrooms in the U.S. and Canada.

  • Conferences

    Learn about our two annual conferences focusing on data and investigative journalism

  • Bootcamps

    These intensive, in-person computer-assisted reporting training camps cover spreadsheets, databases, mapping, stats and more

  • Watchdog Workshops

    A series of traveling workshops that highlight investigative journalism techniques

  • Total Newsroom Training

    An application-based program that brings IRE trainers to your newsroom for free

  • Customized Training

    Learn how you can customize an IRE workshop – in person or online – for your newsroom

  • Online Training

    Training videos that help you learn from veteran journalists in the comfort of your home or office.