Tipsheets & Speaker Presentations

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Master class: Becoming a public records sleuth

Master class: Writing the narrative

Master class: Trump, the First Amendment, and media law for investigative journalists

Broadcast Track: 30 ideas in 60 minute

Business Track: Debunking economic impact promises large and small

Court records are filled with untold stories: A PACER deep dive
Energy & Environment Track: Covering climate change’s winners and losers
Excel 1: Getting started with spreadsheets
Google Sheets: Scraping without coding
Immigration Track: Finding the story: Immigration (intro)
Local watchdog showcase

O’Brien Fellowships: $65,000 in support of nine-month investigative reporting projects

Reinventing local TV news

Solutions journalism + investigations
The uncovered angles of guns

Broadcast Track: Visualizing your investigation

Excel 2: Formulas & sorting
Fast and furious investigations

Finding the story: Campaign finance

Finding, cultivating and protecting sources
How to cover prosecutors
How to help your TV newsroom achieve a data journalism mindset
Immigration Track: Finding the story: Immigration (advanced)
Management Track: How to launch a successful investigative unit

Technology & Tools Track: Doxxing for good: Tracing your online footprint before hackers can

Technology & Tools Track: Unlock hidden stories
A Chat with Adam Symson
Broadcast Track: The women
Covering white supremacists and hate crimes

DIY database: The joys and hazards of building it from scratch
Excel 3: Filtering & pivot tables
Move past the campaign: Use campaign finance documents and data to cover policy and governance

Reporting on recovery

Social media sleuthing
The art of confrontation

Work Better Track: Reporting while parenting
Year in international investigations
Broadcast Track: Deep dive 1: Best of broadcast
Diversity & Inclusion Track: Involving people from marginalized communities in your reporting
Don’t bore me: How to frame your investigation and tell a captivating narrative that gets noticed
Energy & Environment Track: Covering the environment as an investigative target in the Trump era
Excel: Advanced pivot tables
How to build a collaborative investigation from scratch

How to get and interpret police video footage
Public records track: A guide to get the goods

Python 101: The fundamentals
Broadcast Track: From A to Z, soup to nuts, how DID you get that on the air?
Business Track: Mining for gold with Uniform Commerical Code (UCC) filings

Excel: Importing data
Owning the local government beat: Finding meaningful, investigative stories in (seemingly) common places

Python: Intro to data analysis using pandas

Technology & Tools Track: Multimedia storytelling for watchdogs
Track de tecnología y herramientas: Seguridad digital para periodistas (en español)
Work Better Track: How to organize your reporting (and your life)

Broadcast Track: Cold cases as investigations
Covering prisons: Finding truth in the most guarded institutions in the justice system

Cross-border investigations

Energy reporting: From gas pipelines to light switches

Excel CARwash: Cleaning dirty data
Immigration Track: Covering immigration in the Trump era
Python: Let’s scrape a website
The data sets every government reporter should have

Under the Influence: Tracking lobbying and advocacy campaigns at the state level

Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press workshop and resources training


Broadcast Track: Consumer investigations

Business Track: Detecting business fraud

Business Track: Investigating charities and other nonprofits

Free legal resources for journalists
How to find the best investigative story ideas and pitch them successfully

How to maximize the internship — a guide for interns and for employers commons
Introducing the Public Accountability Project

Management Track: Making time for investigative work in a daily newsroom

Nail the interview: How to get sensitive or hard-to-reach sources to talk

Stats in R
Work Better Track: Real talk on investigative collaborations in small and medium markets
Broadcast Track: The lawyers

Converting pdfs to data

Evolving the true crime podcast

How not to bungle sensitive abuse investigations

Mindfulness meditation session to calm stress
New investigative centers: The university model

Oh, the trouble you’ve seen: How to manage the stress and trauma of being a journalist
Public Records Track: Advanced techniques for getting documents from government agencies before you retire
Story idea blitz

Broadcast Track: Holding them accountable

Business Track: Investigating tech companies in Silicon Valley and beyond

Diversity & Inclusion Track: Digging into discrimination: Best practices for investigating LGBTQ bias and bravery
Finding the story: Disaster data
Investigating sex crimes: Writing about trafficking, prostitution and rape
Tap your audience as an investigative partner

Using data to track the opioid epidemic

Using scientific testing without having your story look like a lab report

What’s the future of investigative journalism funding?
Work Better Track: Team writing without murdering each other
Broadcast Track: Deep dive 2: Best of broadcast
Broadcasting original reporting: How to put documents, data and original reporting into your audio story
Create interactive demographic maps in minutes with ArcGIS Online
Diversity & Inclusion Track: Let’s face it. Diverse newsrooms do better journalism
Public Records Track: 50 records to request right now

Storytelling and the Census

Technology & Tools Track: Reporters, digital security, and emerging threats

Transparency in investigative reporting

Broadcast Track: Emotions and accountability: The art of compelling interviews

Connecting the dots with health data: The Implant Files Case
Covering sins of the church

Dark money 2020

How to use audio to break assumptions and create empathy

Technology & Tools Track: Al’s cool tools: A hands-on geek out session for investigators
Technology & Tools Track: Making data investigations shine on multiple platforms

Uncovering inequities in education and obstacles to student achievement
Workbench: Reproducible data work without code
Broadcast Track: Lightning talks

Interviewing your data with SQL

Easy machine learning for journalists
Management Track: Rebuilding the muscle in local news

SHOWCASE: Investigating Trumpworld: Documents, data, sourcing and tactics to uncover secret business practices
Uncovering predatory and abusive housing practices


You just released a major investigation – Yay, it’s done! Oh sh*t. Now what?

Master class: Mastering the interview (print focus)

Broadcast Track: Juggling GA & investigative
Business Track: Dig into companies with financial statement shortcuts

Covering elections in an  “off” year
Easy, free dataviz tools

Excel: Using string functions to manipulate data
Immigration Track: Covering immigration issues far from the border

Patient medical bills as a reporting tool: Billing codes, benefit statements, medicare rates and chargemasters
Technology & Tools Track: Unpacking AI’s influence in your community

Excel: Basic stats
Backgrounding like a boss: Perfecting your 15-minute background check and why you should do it every time
Broadcast Track: Overcoming obstacles

Diversity & Inclusion Track: Native Americans and the criminal justice system

Immigration Track: Using data to cover immigration

Lead from where you are
Starting from scratch
Storyboarding your investigation
Using data to uncover corruption in public procurement

Broadcast Track: The 10 most important lessons I’ve learned
Business Track: Making your business stories sing

Business Track: Public documents, private companies
Changes in college sports and the NCAA
Finding the story: Guns

Overcoming your fear of math
Public Records Track: No one uses email anymore
The first hours of breaking news
Using data and documents in your reporting

Diversity & Inclusion Track: Battling bias
Broadcast Track: Deep dive 3: Best of broadcast

Cleaning data with OpenRefine
Driveway moments: The art of long-form audio narrative

Management Track: Editing & bulletproofing the data story

Personal safety for reporters
Sourcing while female
Technology & Tools Track: Debunking viral misinformation about elections: Lessons from Verificado

Technology & Tools Track: Research geyser

Visualizing data with Tableau
Workplace integrity: Critical thinking and courageous conversations
Best practices for student-led investigations: For students, by students
Dirty money, European banks and Russian organized crime

Diversity & Inclusion Track: Finding stories in undercovered communities
Diversity & Inclusion Track: How to retain journalists from underrepresented groups, including those of color

Excel for investigating business and finance
Finding characters in data and documents

Google MyMaps

Management Track: Adapting and pivoting to new landscapes
Policing the police
Unearthing secrets: How to scrub any candidate or public official


Bulletproofing best practices
Energy & Environment Track: Investigating the aftermath of extreme weather events
Using data journalism to unlock oil & gas industry secrets
Finding stories in professional discipline data
Management track: Directing high-stakes investigative projects
Under pressure: Real life in real time with breaking news

Best practices for student-pro investigative collaborations

Public Records Track: Launching and managing large document and FOIA projects
Successfully reporting on the military