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Session materials and data from panels, demos and hands-on classes at the 2019 CAR Conference will be added to this page. (Please remember that data included here is not for reporting use. This data is not meant to be complete. The data sets are provided for training or practice only.)

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Welcome first-timers

Archiving digital journalism

Excel 1: Getting started with spreadsheets

Finding the story: Open policing data

How and why to make your data analysis reproducible

Master class: Leading the data team **pre-registered attendees only

PDF 1: Using free online tools

PyCAR *pre-registered attendees only

Python: Machine learning and natural language processing

Regular expressions for the rest of us

Sports data viz with R

SQL 1: Exploring data

What the hell is D3? And other questions you’re afraid to ask

Which coding language should I learn?

Year in CAR: Local innovation

Before you ever start your analysis

Digging into education data: From preschool to college

Excel 2: Formulas & sorting

Geocoding and avoiding pitfalls

Google Sheets: Scraping without coding

Graph databases 1: Building a database

How to teach yourself code


Share your work: Publishing your data analysis with R

SQL 2: Grouping and summing data

The state of data reporting outside major cities

What’s new in Excel Online for analysis and visualization

Which chart should I use, and why? Information design for the human brain!

Avant garde data viz

Calling bullshit: Data reasoning in a digital world

Data journalism educators resource swap

Excel 3: Filtering & pivot tables

Excel for business & economics

Finding the story: The state of immigration

Graph databases 2: Finding stories in data

Making the leap from Excel to R

Python 101: An overview for total beginners

Self care for journalists: A practical guide

SQL 3: Joining tables

Text mining in R with tidytext

Using Datawrapper to quickly create charts and maps

Journalists of color in the newsroom meetup

After a disaster: Long-term reporting on floods, fires and other emergencies

Become an instant expert

Building your own database

Covering the 2020 Census

Finding the story: Covering class and poverty at the local level

First Observable notebook: Prototyping with polish **pre-registered attendees only

How it works: The internet (for journalists who want to scrape it)

How it works: Version control for journalists (git/GitHub)

How to help your TV newsroom achieve a data journalism mindset

Interviewing your data with SQL **pre-registered attendees only

Intro to R (Thursday) *pre-registered attendees only

Master class: Self-editing & bulletproofing the data **pre-registered attendees only

Python 1: The fundamentals

R 1: Intro to R and RStudio

Stats in Excel

Building a data library in your newsroom

Doxxing for good: Tracing your online footprint before hackers can

Excel: Using string functions to reformat data

How to make data a routine part of your beat

Machine learning and investigative reporting

Python 2: Intro to data analysis using pandas

R 2: Data analysis and plotting in R

R: Intro stats in R

Students’ roundtable

Workbench: Reproducible data work without coding

Excel: Importing data

GitHub for journalists

How it works: APIs

How to impress the boss & save democracy: Data stories you can turn in 30 days or less

Intro to web development

Investigating nonprofits with data

NICAR-L improvement project

Preparing for the future of disinformation and deep fakes

Python 3: Data cleaning and visualization

R 3: Gathering and cleaning data in R

Using data to report on racial inequality


Connecting the dots with health data: The Implant Files case

Cops, docs, and traffic stops: Criminal justice reporting through data

Excel: Advanced pivot tables

First Python notebook: Data analysis on deadline *pre-registered attendees only

How it works: Artificial intelligence

Intro to OpenRefine

JavaScript 1: Fundamentals and syntax

MapCamp: QGIS *pre-registered attendees only

Master class: Telling the data story across platforms **pre-registered attendees only

Mastering Google Sheets: Web scraping, running scripts and other tricks **pre-registered attendees only

R: Models for clustered and correlated data

Stats 1: An introduction using PSPP

The data sleuth’s guide to the social web

The election and politics data you’re not using

Advanced SQL: Working with dates, sub-queries and more

Favorite code snippets: A responsibly sourced, artisanal list from the Lonely Coder’s Club

Finding the story: Data-driven disaster coverage

How to make your data stories shine for different audiences

Interactive visualization for news readers’ beliefs: Why and how

JavaScript 2: Hello D3!

Advocating for diversity and inclusivity in journalism

Seeing the story: How to write the data-driven investigation

Stats 2: Linear regression using PSPP

The latest digital tools

Advanced OpenRefine: Intro to GREL

Data blitz

Finding hidden stories in hidden communities

JavaScript 3: Building a map in D3

Lessons learned from building a database with colleagues

Shooting straight: How to use gun data and documents effectively

Stats 3: Logistic regression using PSPP

Using public records laws to get data

Media lawyers brown bag

CAR throwback

Covering immigration with data

Finding the story: Using DNS search for investigative journalism

Freelancers’ roundtable

Intro to R (Friday) *pre-registered attendees only

Making graphics and maps with R

Master class: Design thinking for journalists **pre-registered attendees only


PDF 1: Using free online tools (repeat)

Python: Let’s scrape a website

This just in … you can plan for breaking news

When the data talks (but the people won’t)

25th CAR: What a ride it’s been!

Bring your investigative reporting to life using animation and illustrations

Data visualization and storytelling with Flourish

Excel CARwash: Cleaning dirty data

Free, easy data viz

How to follow the dark money in politics

How to verify that emails are authentic with DKIM and ARC

Mapping with R

PDF 2: Using OCR to extract data from PDFs

To manage or not: Choosing the right career path

ArcGIS Online: Connect the where and the why with interactive demographic maps

Building your own database (repeat)

Career roundtable

PDF 3: Batch pdf processing

Publish the data behind your stories with SQLite and Datasette

R: Intro stats (repeat)

Finding untold stories in unfamiliar communities

Lightning Talks


Analyzing birth and death data: The wonders of CDC WONDER

Building and telling a bulletproof data story

Command line on Macs

D3 in a reactive world

Exploring the tidyverse in R

First graphics app: Node.js in the newsroom **pre-registered attendees only

How to make your campaign finance dataset useful year-round

Introducing The Public Accountability search project

Management: Leading the data reporting team

Master class: Mastering the interview **pre-registered attendees only

Python: Let’s scrape a website (repeat)

QGIS 1: Mapmaking for beginners

Research on the beach: Deep diving

Upping your Excel game *pre-registered attendees only

Write better Python code *pre-registered attendees only

A conversation with James B. Steele: Insights and lessons for data journalists

America’s dirtiest jobs? Meet America’s dirtiest data

Being scrappy: Doing data journalism as a team of one

Data project workflows: How to find the finish line

Full-stack React

Hitchhiker’s guide to APIs

Holding algorithms accountable

Introduction to digital security

Introduction to VisiData

QGIS 2: Filtering and analyzing geographic data to make maps


Easy machine learning for data journalists

How to turn data into human stories

Inside the sausage factory: An inside look at government data making

Keeping your career lit while raising humans

No code required: Create compelling interactive data visualizations with Microsoft Power BI

Observable notebooks: Your interactive data journal

Spatial queries in PostGIS

SQL CARwash: Cleaning dirty data

The data-driven escape room

The debt trap

50 databases to request right now

College sports finances: Where the money comes from and where the money goes

Finding needles in haystacks with fuzzy matching

How data can inform one of the hottest topics across the country: Housing

How it works: Blockchain

Interactive data viz with D3 **pre-registered attendees only

Master class: Writing the data-driven narrative **pre-registered attendees only

One map, no code: The power of Mapbox Studio

R 1: Intro to R and RStudio (repeat)

Rewriting the code of ethics: New standards for digital journalism

Under pressure: Real life in real time with breaking news

Web scraping with Python (Saturday) *pre-registered attendees only

(Generally) painless collaboration with the greater newsroom

Behind the story: Case Cleared

Cyberwar: Investigating hacking by advanced actors

Introducing Slidetrack: Visual annotation for your podcast

Learn from my fail: Data always sucks edition

Python: Data visualization with Altair

R 2: Data analysis and plotting in R (repeat)

Surveys save the day: An old tool emerges as a cutting edge

Tiplines today: Techniques for secure source communications

Always appeal: Fighting public records battles

Creative ways to teach difficult concepts

GitHub for journalists (repeat)

Healthcare: Diagnose and treat a data dearth

How to collaborate across multiple newsrooms to solve big problems

Life after FactFinder

Python: Writing tests for your code

R 3: Gathering and cleaning data in R (repeat)

The next 25 years of CAR


Early career straight-talk: A Q&A on all things jobs and internships

Finding needles in haystacks with fuzzy matching (repeat)

Install party

OpenElections hackathon

Python 1: The fundamentals (repeat)

Web scraping with Python (Sunday) *pre-registered attendees only

You just survived NICAR19! Now what?

Adding a text editor to your CAR toolkit

JavaScript 1: Fundamentals and syntax (repeat)

One-size-doesn’t-fit-all: How to make multilingual DDJ work

Python 2: Intro to data analysis using pandas (repeat)

Python: Basic mapping and GIS

Spreadsheet add-ins you can’t live without

Creating your first satellite image

How to build a collaborative investigation from scratch

JavaScript 2: Hello D3! (repeat)

Python 3: Data cleaning and visualization (repeat)

Year in international CAR