2020 NICAR T-shirt contest

The National Institute for Computer-Assisted Reporting will once again be selling a T-shirt in celebration of data journalism. The proposal with the most votes will be sold as a T-shirt at the upcoming NICAR Conference in New Orleans.

How it works:

Jan. 8 – 19: Review the contest rules and details. Submit your designs by emailing them to shirts@ire.org. All entries will be posted to this page.

Jan. 20 – 26: Vote for your favorite designs.

Early February: Winning designs announced on the IRE website.

Rules and details:

Design guidelines:

  • It must be work appropriate.
  • There are no restrictions on colors, but keep in mind that the more detailed/multi-colored the graphic, the costlier it will be for NICAR to print the shirts.
  • It should include #NICAR20 to celebrate the 2020 data journalism conference.
  • By sending in the suggestion to NICAR, you don’t retain rights to the final T-shirt. (This does not include bragging rights, which the designer will maintain in perpetuity.)


Entry 1:

Entry 2:

Entry 3:


Entry 4:


Entry 5:


Entry 6:

Entry 7:

Entry 8: