Introducing Geomancer: Don’t let your data be lonely tonight

  • Event: 2015 CAR Conference
  • Speakers: Derek Eder of DataMade; Troy Thibodeaux of The Associated Press; Serdar Tumgoren of Stanford University
  • Date/Time: Friday, Mar. 6 at 10:10am
  • Location: International 10
  • Audio file: Only members can listen to conference audio

Geomancer is a tool with a simple and powerful purpose: to make it easier for journalists on deadline to add context to their data sets by finding and merging geographically related data. Have a set of county-level data and want to add demographic data for those counties? That's the sort of thing Geomancer is built to help you do. Geomancer is free, open-source and built to be extended, so you can install Geomancer for your newsroom and start adding your favorite geographically tagged data. Join us for a walkthrough of the tool, an overview of the installation process and a peek into what it takes to add new data sources to your Geomancer.

Speaker Bios

  • Derek Eder is an entrepreneur, technologist, organizer and one of the leaders of the civic tech community in Chicago. He is founder and partner at DataMade, a company that tells stories and builds tools with data and the lead organizer for Chi Hack Night, Chicago’s premier weekly event for building, sharing and learning about civic tech.

  • Troy Thibodeaux leads the data journalism team at The Associated Press. The data team works with reporters and editors across AP, building software, analyzing and visualizing data, to tell stories in word and pixel. They also manage the data sharing network, which has helped news organizations across the U.S. localize important data stories. He lives in New Orleans with his family and a new dog, and like most New Orleanians, he loves to talk about the place.

  • Serdar Tumgoren teaches data journalism at Stanford University. He previously worked on data and news apps teams at The Associated Press, The Washington Post and Congressional Quarterly. @zstumgoren

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