Intermediate/Advanced Security

  • Event: 2015 CAR Conference
  • Speakers: Harlo Holmes of Freedom of the Press Foundation; Aurelia Moser of CartoDB
  • Date/Time: Saturday, Mar. 7 at 11:20am
  • Location: International 10
  • Audio file: Only members can listen to conference audio

In this workshop, Harlo Holmes (Guardian Project/OpenNews Alum) and Aurelia Moser (CartoDB/OpenNews Alum]) will go through the finer details of digital security with key management, software verification, 2-Factor Authentication, PGP, OTR chat, and encrypted file sharing; and guide you through some common rough spots. Please bring your laptops, and get ready to go beyond "hello world"!

Attendees should be comfortable with basic digi-sec concepts. Knowledge of the command line (terminal) will be helpful, but not prerequisite.

Speaker Bios

  • Harlo Holmes is the Director of Newsroom Digital Security at Freedom of the Press Foundation. She strives to help individual journalists in various media organizations become confident and effective in securing their communications within their newsrooms, with their sources, and with the public at large. She is a media scholar, software programmer, and activist; and contributes regularly to the open source mobile security collective The Guardian Project.

  • Aurelia is a librarian, developer and curious cartographer building communities around code at CartoDB. Previously of Ushahidi and Internews Kenya, she's been working in the open tech and non-profit journalism space for a few years, and recent projects have had her working with mapping sensor data to support agricultural security and sustainable apis ecosystems in the Global South. @auremoser

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