Mine the documents, win a Pulitzer: reporting with Overview

  • Event: 2015 CAR Conference
  • Speaker: Jonathan Stray of Columbia Journalism School
  • Date/Time: Sunday, Mar. 8 at 11:20am
  • Location: M106
  • Audio file: No audio file available.

Overview is an open source reporting tool built to handle thousands or millions of documents. It's been used to track stolen maple syrup, uncover bribes to a president, and on both the winner and finalist for the 2014 Pulitzer Prize in public service. Come learn how these and other stories were reported and get some hands-on time with the system. You'll learn to search, visualize, find entities, map topics, tag and cull your own large document collections while trading document mining war stories with our friendly team. Plus, learn how to create new visualizations and integrate Overview into your workflow through its powerful API.

Speaker Bios

  • Jonathan Stray is a computational journalist at Columbia university, where he teaches the dual masters degree in computer science and journalism and leads the development of Workbench, an integrated tool for data journalism. 

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