Financing and accounting for journalists

  • Event: 2013 IRE Conference
  • Speakers: Roddy Boyd of Southern Investigative Reporting Foundation; David Cay Johnston of DCReport
  • Date/Time: Thursday, Jun. 20 at 2:30pm
  • Location: Salon A
  • Audio file: Only members can listen to conference audio

Cash is king. Enterprise reporters should know how (some) companies play games and use misleading language to present an image of economic strength and flexibility. However, just because the cash line in the balance sheet appears impressive doesn't mean the business is healthy or that its apparently rosy assurances to investors and the press are likely to come true.

Speaker Bios

  • Roddy Boyd: Founder and editor, Southern Investigative Reporting Foundation. @RodBoydILM, @SIRF_Report

  • David Cay Johnston is a former IRE board president; bestselling author whose latest two books are about Trump; IRE medal winner for 2003 book Perfectly Legal; Pulitzer Prize for tax reporting in the NYTimes; co-founder of, a nonprofit and non-advertising news service that covers what Trump and Congress do, not what they say.

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