How to keep up: Newsapps teams as lifetime learners

  • Event: 2016 CAR Conference
  • Speakers: Gabriel Dance of The New York Times; Mariana Santos of Fusion; Adam Schweigert of Institute for Nonprofit News; Troy Thibodeaux of The Associated Press
  • Date/Time: Friday, Mar. 11 at 11:30am
  • Location: Colorado E
  • Audio file: Only members can listen to conference audio

**Moderated by Troy Thibodeaux, The Associated Press

It’s the great newsroom double bind: keep up with new technologies or risk becoming obsolete,. but do it while keeping up your day job (which takes all your time). If everyone in the newsroom feels this pressure, the news apps developers and CAR reporters who thrive on being the cool kids on the bleeding edge can feel it even more keenly. In this session, we'll consider some of the methods we use as individuals and as teams to overcome this challenge and build an environment that fosters continuous learning. A few questions we'll consider: How do I continuously hone my chops and keep current with changing technology if that’s not the only thing I do with my time? What strategies have individuals and teams developed that build learning into their workflows and routines? How can editors help create a team culture that supports learning and experimentation without sacrificing productivity? And how can these lessons be applied more broadly to help less technically minded reporters catch up and keep up?

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Speaker Bios

  • Gabriel Dance is the deputy investigations editor for The New York Times. He primarily focuses on investigations into technology and the companies that control our information. @gabrieldance

  • Mariana Santos is the founder of Chicas Poderosas, a digital training community training women journalists into technology in media. Director of interactive and animation at Fusion and Knight Chair of Innovation at FIU. Recent graduate from JSK Knight fellow at Stanford 2015 and Knight ICFJ fellow 2013-14 working all across Latin America. Santos is a visual storyteller, who did groundbreaking work as a member of the interactive team at The Guardian in London. @marysaints 

  • Adam Schweigert is the Senior Director, Product and Technology with the Institute for Nonprofit News, a network of 100+ nonprofit news organizations. At INN he manages the news applications and technology team and is responsible for leading all of the organization’s tech and product-related efforts including developing editorial products, tools, training and community building. @aschweig

  • Troy Thibodeaux leads the data journalism team at The Associated Press. The data team works with reporters and editors across AP, building software, analyzing and visualizing data, to tell stories in word and pixel. They also manage the data sharing network, which has helped news organizations across the U.S. localize important data stories. He lives in New Orleans with his family and a new dog, and like most New Orleanians, he loves to talk about the place.

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