Podcast investigations

  • Event: 2016 Toronto Watchdog Workshop
  • Speakers: David Ridgen of CBC; Susanne Reber of Scripps Washington Bureau; Ellen Weiss of Scripps Washington Bureau
  • Date/Time: Sunday, May. 15 at 9:15am
  • Location: Rogers Communications Centre, RCC 204
  • Audio file: No audio file available.

From the groundbreaking Serial to Reveal and CBC's new Somebody Knows Something, podcasts have triggered the rebirth of long-form, in-depth audio storytelling attracting millions of listeners. This panel explores the power of podcasts and their role in reinventing radio for investigative storytelling.

Speaker Bios

  • Susanne Reber is an award-winning investigative editor. She leads the podcast team at E.W.Scripps Washington Bureau. She co-founded and led Reveal the Peabody Award-winning investigative radio program and podcast. Prior to Reveal, Susanne created and led NPR's first-ever Investigations Unit as well as CBC's Michener Award-winning Investigative Unit. She is the co-author of Starlight Tour-The last lonely night of Neil Stonechild (Random House), a bestseller in 2019. @s_reber

  • David Ridgen is an award-winning filmmaker and writer who specializes in hard-hitting, character-driven, POV, with an interest in investigative work and narrative experimentation. Recent works by Ridgen have been credited with the reopening of cold cases, arrests, a conviction and reconciliation (i.e., Mississippi Cold Case, Confession to Murder, A garden of tears etc.,) Ridgen produces, writes, & hosts CBC's new original true crime podcast, "Someone Knows Something".

  • Ellen Weiss has been Chief of Washington Bureau and Vice President of The E. W. Scripps Company since February 11, 2013. She oversees a multimedia national investigative team and in 2015 received her forth Peabody Award for the “Under the Radar” investigative series. In 2018, she helped launch a new initiative aimed at producing in-depth, original investigative, enterprise and long-form documentaries under the Scripps National news brand, Newsy. @Ellen_weiss

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