Police: The challenge of immigration enforcement and policing reform (Sponsored by Criminal Justice Journalists)

  • Event: 2017 IRE Conference
  • Speakers: Sadie Gurman of The Associated Press; Jude Joffe-Block of KJZZ Phoenix; William Terrill of Arizona State University; Seth Wessler of Type Investigations; Ted Gest of Criminal Justice Journalists
  • Date/Time: Thursday, Jun. 22 at 3:45pm
  • Location: Grand Canyon 9-10
  • Audio file: Only members can listen to conference audio

**Moderated by Ted Gest, Criminal Justice Journalists

The police profession has been in turmoil, with a focus on shootings by officers, disputed reforms sought by the Justice Department--at least until the Trump administration--and a national debate on "sanctuary cities" and whether police should cooperate with federal authorities on immigration cases. Hear from reporters who have covered these issues and an academic expert who studies them.

Speaker Bios

  • Ted Gest is president of Criminal Justice Journalists and Washington bureau chief of TheCrimeReport.org, which publishes a daily news digest on criminal justice. He formerly covered criminal justice for U.S. News & World Report and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. He is the co-author of the latest edition of IRE's "Understanding Crime and Justice Statistics: A Reporter's Guide." 

  • Sadie Gurman covers the Justice Department for The Associated Press in Washington, DC, with an emphasis on criminal justice, violent crime, civil rights and policing. She also covered law enforcement for The Denver Post and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. In 2016, she co-created an exclusive FOIA-driven project that revealed police officers across the country misuse confidential databases to snoop on people they encounter for reasons that have nothing to do with their jobs.

  • Jude Joffe-Block is a freelance journalist in Phoenix. From 2010-2017 she was a senior field correspondent for KJZZ, the NPR station in Phoenix, and Fronteras Desk, a regional public media initiative focused on border issues and immigration. She is a fellow with New America and is co-authoring a book with journalist Terry Greene Sterling about immigration fights in Arizona's Maricopa County. @judejoffeblock

  • William Terrill is a Professor in the School of Criminology & Criminal Justice at Arizona State University who studies police behavior, with an emphasis on police use of force and police culture.

  • Seth Freed Wessler is a Peabody, NABJ, and Hillman prize-winning reporter in New York and a Fellow at the Type Investigations. His reporting on immigration, prisons, racial inequity and social services has appeared in The New York Times Magazine, This American Life, ProPublica, Colorlines, Reveal, Mother Jones and NBC News. 

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