Covering Muslim America (Sponsored by Asian American Journalists Association)

  • Event: 2017 IRE Conference
  • Speakers: Nuran Alteir of AAJA; Imraan Siddiqi of CAIR - Arizona; Dianna Náñez of The Arizona Republic
  • Date/Time: Friday, Jun. 23 at 10:15am
  • Location: Grand Canyon 7
  • Audio file: Only members can listen to conference audio

Muslims have lived in the United States since the country’s inception, so why are many stories about this community so shallow? Where is the investigative reporting or the in-depth narratives that go beyond stereotypes? With 3.3 million people, Muslims make up the third largest religious group in the country. Reporters who build trust in this community will find stories beyond the obvious religion and immigration beats. Come hear Muslim leaders talk about stories the media is missing. Learn tips from reporters on covering this growing demographic and how you can write stories that delve deeper with tact, tenacity and sensitivity.


Speaker Bios

  • Nuran Alteir is a freelance reporter in Southern California. Her work, from breaking news to in-depth features, has been published in the Orange County Register, Los Angeles Times and the Oregonian. Alteir is also on the AAJA Muslim American Task Force. @whatnuransaid

  • Dianna M. Náñez has worked with The Arizona Republic since 2006, covering public safety, Latino communities and politics. As part of the Storytelling team, she uses narrative reporting to write about people who call Arizona home, uncover truths and get to the heart of complex issues. She also chairs the newsroom's reporter-led Diversity Committee, which works to ensure that news coverage accurately reflects Arizona's diverse people and communities. @diannananez

  • Imraan Siddiqi is a writer, activist and Executive Director of The Council on American Islamic Relations of Arizona (CAIR-AZ.) He writes extensively on issues facing American Muslims and on the impacts of Islamophobia. He also founded the #HateHurts project, tracking and documenting Islamophobia and its fallout on many communities. He has appeared frequently as a commentator in media globally. @imraansiddiqi

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