Easy, free online dataviz tools

  • Event: 2017 IRE Conference
  • Speaker: Arun Karki of Center for Data Journalism-Nepal
  • Date/Time: Sunday, Jun. 25 at 9:00am
  • Location: Pinnacle Peak 2
  • Audio file: No audio file available.

Learn how to add free data visualizations to your stories quickly with tools including JuxtaposeJS, used for creating before-and-after imagery, and StorymapJS, a simple tool for creating embeddable maps.

Speaker Bios

  • Having decade long experience in multimedia journalism at Nepal TV, Arun Karki is the founder/ director of Center for Data Journalism Nepal (http://cdjn.org). He has become fellow of Thomson Reuters Foundation, Dart Center Asia-Pacific, Journalismfund.eu, GIJN, IRE, ICFJ and UN Foundation. He has won two investigative journalism reporting projects - Nepal's post earthquake recovery and climate change. He contributes freelance articles for Reuters and IJNet.

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