Show where the story is happening with maps in Tableau Public (Hosted by Tableau)

  • Event: 2018 CAR Conference
  • Speaker: Ben Jones of Tableau Software
  • Date/Time: Thursday, Mar. 8 at 11:00am
  • Location: Great America
  • Audio file: No audio file available.

Maps are where it’s at, and with the addition of spatial file support you can viz outside the box too. In this session you will learn different methods for building maps in Tableau Public. We will teach you how to:

•determine what kind of mapping data you’re looking at

•take advantage of spatial file support in Tableau Public

•beautify maps with built-in and Mapbox-supported backgrounds

•integrate maps into your dashboards

•utilize design and layout best practices to make sure that your visualization looks polished and professional

Tableau Public is a free tool for journalists. Some familiarity with the product is recommended; a beginner session earlier in the day should prepare you enough for this session. Laptops will be provided. This is a free training, however you must be registered for the CAR Conference to attend this class.  Limited seats are available.  There may be a few seats available on-site.

Speaker Bios

  • Ben Jones is the Director of Tableau Public for Tableau Software in Seattle and the author of Communicating Data with Tableau (O'Reilly, 2014). He leads a team of data analysts that work with journalists and bloggers to share interactive data on the web. He's also an avid user of Tableau Public himself, publishing vizzes and tutorials at DataRemixed. Ben has a background in mechanical engineering (BSME, UCLA 2000) and business (MBA, CLU 2011), and is co-chair of the Tapestry Data Storytelling Conference. Ben teaches data visualization at the University of Washington.

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