How to find stories in data through visualization (intermediate) *pre-registered attendees only

  • Event: 2018 CAR Conference
  • Speakers: Alberto Cairo of University of Miami; Mark Hansen of Columbia Journalism School; Olga Pierce of University of Nebraska - Lincoln; Rachael Tatman of Kaggle
  • Date/Time: Friday, Mar. 9 at 9:00am
  • Location: Grace
  • Audio file: No audio file available.

Working with data is a kind of interview - it is a complex back-and-forth, drawing out the expressiveness of data. The process is often visual, depending heavily on a sequence of graphical displays, "visualizations." This three-hour workshop will focus on the concepts and skills you need to use data visualization effectively as part of your reporting practice - to conduct a data interview. You will learn how to spot trends, highlight changes over time, identify outliers, make meaningful comparisons, and describe important patterns in your data - all through the effective use of visualization strategies. This class will be based in the R language, and distributed through Jupyter notebooks. These pre-built examples can later be customized to suit your own projects when you return to your newsroom.

Preregistration is required and seating is limited. Attendees must bring a laptop and charger to the training.

Workshop prerequisites: You should be comfortable working with data and not be scared of code, though no previous coding experience is necessary.

NOTE: Registration is required for this session. Click here to sign up.

Speaker Bios

  • Alberto Cairo is the Knight Chair in Visual Journalism at the University of Miami, after two decades in journalism doing infographics, animations, and data visualizations. Alberto is the author of the books "The Functional Art" and "The Truthful Art", both about infographics and data visualization. He also is an independent consultant with technology companies.

  • Mark Hansen is a Professor in the Columbia Journalism School where he also serves as director of the Brown Institute for Media Innovation. Prior to joining Columbia, he was a professor in the Department of Statistics at UCLA. Hansen began his career as a Member of the Technical Staff at Bell Laboratories in Murray Hill, NJ. He holds a BS in Applied Math from UC Davis, and a PhD and MA in Statistics from UC Berkeley. @cocteau

  • Olga Pierce is on the faculty at the College of Journalism and Mass Communications at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and a Data Journalism Adviser to ProPublica. Previously, she worked at ProPublica for ten years as a reporter and Deputy Data Editor. She is a graduate of the Stabile Investigative Seminar at Columbia University. @olgapierce

  • Rachael has a PhD in linguistics and works on Kaggle's public datasets platform. @rctatman.

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