Demystifying data science

  • Event: 2018 CAR Conference
  • Speaker: Hadley Wickham of RStudio
  • Date/Time: Friday, Mar. 9 at 11:30am
  • Location: Grand Ballroom III
  • Audio file: Only members can listen to conference audio

Sometimes, you'll hear data journalism described as magic, when in reality, it can be hard work. RStudio's Hadley Wickham talks about overcoming some of the challenges in working with data, how simple it can be to start working with data in your stories and how you can be a better data journalist and data scientist.

Speaker Bios

  • Hadley Wickham is Chief Scientist at RStudio, and Adjunct Professor at Stanford University and the University of Auckland. He builds tools (both computational and cognitive) to make data science easier, faster, and more fun. His work includes packages for data science (the tidyverse: including ggplot2, dplyr, tidyr, purrr, and readr) and principled software development (roxygen2, testthat, devtools). Learn more on his website, @hadleywickham

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