R 1: Intro to R and RStudio

  • Event: 2018 CAR Conference
  • Speaker: Ronald Campbell of NBC Owned Television Stations
  • Date/Time: Friday, Mar. 9 at 9:00am
  • Location: Northwestern/Ohio St
  • Audio file: No audio file available.

Jump into statistics with R, the powerful open-source programming language. In this class we’ll cover R fundamentals while exploring Cook County and Chicago through Census data.

This session is good for: People with a basic understanding of code who are ready to go beyond Excel.

Speaker Bios

  • Ronald Campbell is data editor for the NBC Owned Television Stations. He previously created the computer-assisted reporting program at the Orange County Register. He has won the IRE Award, the Loeb Award and placed in the Philip Meyer Award. He lives in Orange County, CA, with his wife, kids and cat. When not getting frustrated with databases he gets frustrated hiking. @campbellronaldw

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  • Intro to R repo
    This is an introductory class in R, a statistcal package. It will be taught at the NICAR Conference in Chicago March 8-11, 2018. People using these materials after the conference should have the latest versions of R and R Studio plus the tidyverse package. A step-by-step tutorial and two downloadable Excelfiles are provided. To get the data, click on the "Branch: master" box next to the word "NICAR2018" in boldface blue letters and then click on the choice "Data"; you'll then see the Excel files. https://github.com/roncampbell/NICAR2018 https://github.com/roncampbell/NICAR2018/blob/master/Intro%20to%20R.md