Maps made easy

  • Event: 2018 CAR Conference
  • Speakers: Derek Eder of DataMade; Regina Compton of DataMade
  • Date/Time: Thursday, Mar. 8 at 9:00am
  • Location: Grace
  • Audio file: No audio file available.

At DataMade, a civic technology company in Chicago, we love building, thinking about and learning from digital maps. In this session, we’ll share some of our favorite tools for mapping data, giving emphasis to Derek Eder’s Fusion Tables Searchable Map Template. Open source and easy-to-use, the Fusion Tables Template facilitates the creation of a searchable, filterable map from any spreadsheet or shapefile. We will give a step-by-step overview of the template and demonstrate some of its key features: address search, geolocation, the ability to easily add additional search filters, and hover and popover interactivity for point details. Time permitting, we will also introduce Carto and the CartoTemplate, a streamlined, customizable code source — and a close sibling to Fusion Tables. Participants can come prepared with their own mappable data, or they can use data provided by DataMade.

*Please note: You must bring your own laptop to participate in this class.

This session is good for: Anyone with beginning JavaScript and HTML knowledge and an interest in digital maps.


Speaker Bios

  • Regina Compton works as a developer at DataMade, a community-minded civic technology company in Chicago. Regina enjoys solving data problems and visualizing complex information in easy-to-understand ways. Regina has a background in music performance and scholarship, and she often thinks about music, what it does, and how it does the things it does. @reginafcompton

  • Derek Eder is an entrepreneur, technologist, organizer and one of the leaders of the civic tech community in Chicago. He is founder and partner at DataMade, a company that tells stories and builds tools with data and the lead organizer for Chi Hack Night, Chicago’s premier weekly event for building, sharing and learning about civic tech.

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