Security tools for journalists (Security Track)

  • Event: 2018 CAR Conference
  • Speaker: J.M. Porup of CSO
  • Date/Time: Thursday, Mar. 8 at 3:30pm
  • Location: Grace
  • Audio file: No audio file available.

This hands-on class aims to teach journalists with any knowledge base how to identify their unique threat model and develop a security protocol — regarding secure communication, data storage, and browsing — accordingly. From addressing low-hanging fruit to mitigating sophisticated threats, the tools discussed in this session will introduce journalists to essential concepts in digital security and privacy.

This session is good for: Anyone interested in securing their devices. Bring your own laptop and phone to the workshop.

This session was planned in collaboration with the Freedom of the Press Foundation.

Speaker Bios

  • J.M. Porup is a natsec/infosec reporter and a journosec consultant. A programmer, sysadmin, and security geek since 2002, J.M. prototyped new security tools as part of the Berkman Klein Assembly 2017 security incubator at Harvard Univeresity, and currently mentors the AI-focused Assembly 2018 incubator. J.M. reported from Colombia for many years during that country's civil war, and speaks Spanish fluently with a hilarious gringo-Colombian accent.

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