Consumer investigations: Stories that make a difference

  • Event: 2018 IRE Conference
  • Speakers: Robert Benincasa of NPR; Jill Riepenhoff of InvestigateTV; Lea Thompson of independent journalist
  • Date/Time: Thursday, Jun. 14 at 10:15am
  • Location: Oceans 4
  • Audio file: No audio file available.

Investigating doctors, drugs, hospitals, dangerous products, water, chemicals, consumer goods and services, banks, transportation, fraudsters, scammers, schemers and just bad deals — we’ll give you the tips and tools you need to do it big with substance and style, even in this political climate. We've got your back whether you have six months or just a few days to do a story.

Speaker Bios

  • Robert Benincasa does data-driven reporting for NPR's Washington, D.C.-based investigations team. Recent work includes a series on how federal disaster aid favors the wealthy, and a consumer investigation into diabetic alert dogs. Twitter: @robertbenincasa

  • Jill Riepenhoff is a producer for InvestigateTV. Prior to joining the national TV team in 2017, she was an investigative reporter at The Columbus Dispatch for more than three decades. With that many years under her belt, she has written about all sorts of unsavory characters/agencies/laws. She also likes to dig into sports from time to time. She is a member of the IRE Board of Directors. @JRiep

  • Lea Thompson - Former Chief Correspondent, Dateline NBC (16 yrs) & anchor/head of WRC-Tv's investigative unit (15 yrs). On IRE board many years - now trying to save the IRE Broadcast Archive and teaching investigative reporting around the world. Her work is behind 3 acts of Congress & dozens of laws, recalls and policy changes as well as TV movies & 3 books. Lea has won multiples of major awards: IRE, Peabody, Polk, Loeb, duPont, numerous Emmys, many lifetime awards.

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