Healthcare: Diagnose and treat a data dearth

  • Event: 2019 CAR Conference
  • Speakers: Emily Le Coz of GateHouse Media; J. David McSwane of ProPublica; Marina Walker Guevara of International Consortium of Investigative Journalists
  • Date/Time: Saturday, Mar. 9 at 4:45pm
  • Location: Salon A&B
  • Audio file: No audio file available.

Learn to navigate healthcare's data minefield to challenge conventional wisdom, unleash hidden trends and expose industry lies. Our speakers found creative ways around bad or non-existent data to expose a global network of faulty medical devices, track the true danger of giving birth at home and show how private Medicaid contractors systematically deny treatments to boost profits. We'll explore the data and documents you'll need (and those you won't) for your next big investigation. 

Speaker Bios

  • Emily Le Coz is the managing editor of GateHouse Media's National Data and Investigations Team, based in Sarasota, Florida. Previously, she served as deputy investigations editor for the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, where she collaborated on the nationally award winning "Bias on the Bench" investigation. Before that, she was an investigative reporter at the Clarion Ledger in Jackson, Mississippi, where she also helped cover the legislature and was a stringer for Reuters.

  • McSwane is a reporter in ProPublica's D.C. office. Previously, he worked at the Dallas Morning News, the Austin American-Statesman and a small Florida newspaper. McSwane's reporting has spurred new laws and state and federal criminal investigations, forced belt-tightening lawmakers to invest in social programs and won several awards including Harvard's Goldsmith Prize for Investigative Reporting, the Worth Bingham Prize, two IRE awards and a Peabody. 

  • Marina Walker Guevara is the deputy director of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ). She managed the two largest collaborations of reporters in journalism history: the Pulitzer Prize-winning Panama Papers and the Paradise Papers. She is currently a John S. Knight fellow at Stanford working on the intersection of machine learning and investigative reporting. 

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