Diversity & Inclusion Track: Finding stories in undercovered communities

  • Event: 2019 IRE Conference
  • Speakers: Anita Hassan of Las Vegas Review-Journal; Allan Clarke of Australian Broadcasting Corporation; Monica Rhor of Houston Chronicle
  • Date/Time: Saturday, Jun. 15 at 4:15pm
  • Location: Briargrove
  • Audio file: No audio file available.

Learn how to report and write beyond stereotypes. Often, the most important stories in marginalized communities — such as minorities, immigrants and the homeless — go untold because reporters are reluctant to go into communities they are not familiar with, leaving people in those communities feeling misunderstood and unrepresented. This session will discuss how to find the stories, whether using data or by sourcing, building trust in such communities and best storytelling practices.

Speaker Bios

  • Allan Clarke is an award winning Australian investigative journalist and producer working in TV, radio and online. His reporting focuses on Indigenous affairs, unsolved homicide marginalised communities and their interactions with the judicial system and LGBTQI issues. In 2018, Allan received Australia's most prestigious journalism award for his five year investigation into an unsolved death from 1988. He is a proud Aboriginal man from the Muruwari tribe. @AllanJClarke 

  • Anita Hassan joined the Las Vegas Review Journal's investigations team in August 2017. She was previously an investigative reporter for the Houston Chronicle, where her award-winning reporting highlighted a massive backlog of untested rape kits, county jail abuses and corruption in a state program civilly committing sex offenders. Her latest investigation uncovered failures in the criminal justice system that allowed a serial rapist in Houston to go free for a decade. 

  • Monica Rhor is an editorial writer/columnist and member of the Houston Chronicle's editorial board. She also has been a staff writer for USA TODAY, Associated Press, Boston Globe, Miami Herald, Philadelphia Inquirer and Orange County Register. Monica, who was born in Ecuador and raised in New Jersey, has taught high school journalism and English and served as lead on the National Association of Hispanic Journalists student project, @monicarhor

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