Write better Python code *pre-registered attendees only

  • Event: 2020 NICAR Conference
  • Speaker: TBA
  • Date/Time: Friday, Mar. 6 at 2:15pm
  • Location: Studio 9 - 2nd floor
  • Audio file: No audio file available.

Skill level: Advanced

You’ve written a few Python scripts that get the job done, but the initial euphoria has worn off. Your code is hard to read. Bugs are cropping up. And you can’t always explain your process or results to an editor — or yourself. There must be a better way, but the path forward is not clear.

If you’ve had that itchy feeling, this three-hour, hands-on workshop is for you. This class will explore Python language features that will help you write readable, reliable and reusable code.

Preregistration is required and seating is limited. Attendees must bring a laptop and charger to the training.

Workshop prerequisites: Experience with basic Python language features like variables, data types, conditionals and functions are required.

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