IRE Student Sponsorship Program

IRE is committed to developing the next generation of investigative reporters by introducing more students to the organization. To do this, we need your help. Please consider sponsoring a $25 student membership on behalf of your alma mater, college media or for an intern at your news organization. You can also donate a membership to help support IRE’s efforts to build a more ethnically and racially diverse organization. Unless you prefer to remain anonymous, your name and the institution receiving the membership will be listed on IRE’s website.

If you decide to sponsor a student, please promote the program through social media. Use the hashtag #SponsorIRE and tweet a link to this page.



You can sponsor a student membership in three ways:

1. Sponsor an individual student. That student will receive an email that you have sponsored them for one year. If they already have an active membership, it will be extended for another year.

2. Donate a general student membership. This option allows you to donate a membership to your alma mater or college media organization. IRE will work with professors and other campus leaders to find a student. That student will receive an email that you have sponsored their membership for one year. If you happen to know of a professor, adviser or student editor at your chosen institution, you can list their name and email on the form. This would be greatly appreciated, but is not required.

You can also choose to direct your student sponsorship to support IRE’s efforts to build a more ethnically and racially diverse organization. IRE will work with a variety of universities to match these donations with students.

3. Donate to our student fund. Make a general donation of any amount to help send an ethnically or racially diverse student to an IRE training.


If you have questions or need assistance, please contact



Together, we can secure the future of IRE by introducing the journalists of tomorrow to this forum in which journalists throughout the world are encouraged to grow through training and helping each other. With this sharing of story ideas, newsgathering techniques, news sources and more, we are the collective family of IRE.

A list of donations starting from 2018 are below:



Mike Balsamo – University of Southern California

Lee Zurik – Syracuse University (2)

Ryan Thornburg – UNC-Chapel Hill

Bethany Barnes – Arizona Daily Wildcat

Ken Ward – The Daily Athenaeum (2)

Beth Burger – Henry W. Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Georgia

Rachel Alexander – Western Washington University/The Western Front (2)

Andy Boyle – University of Nebraska-Lincoln (4)

Christopher Baxter – University of Michigan (2)

Christopher Baxter – Ithaca College

Anita Hofschneider – UC Berkeley

Jamie Hopkins – The Retriever (2)

Kendall Taggart – Reed College (2)

Ben Welsh – DePaul University

Ryan Gabrielson – University of Arizona (2)

Ryan Gabrielson – Arizona Daily Wildcat (2)

Roxanne Scott – Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY

Matt Carroll – Northeastern University (4)

Melissa Cassutt – CU Independent

Russ Walker – University of Washington-Tacoma

Doug Reynolds – Marshall Parthenon (2)

Beth Burger – The Red & Black

Melissa Cassutt – Rocky Mountain Collegian

Ryan Murphy – Elon University and Kent State University

Sarah Hutchins – University of Missouri

Jayme Fraser – University of Montana (3)

Ellen Gabler – Emory University (2)

Denise Malan – University of Arkansas (2)

Kate Howard – West Kentucky University

Jon Collins – University of Minnesota

Josephy Cranney – Temple University

Brett Murphy – University of California-Berkeley

Tyler Dukes – Duke University

Jill Riepenhoff – Ohio University (4)

Ryan Thornburg – University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Tisha Thompson – Princeton University

Tisha Thompson – University of Missouri (2)

Tisha Thompson – University of Wyoming

Ryan Martin – University of Missouri (2)

James M. Cox Jr. Institute for Journalism Innovation, University of Georgia in honor of Professor Barry Hollander (12)

Andrew Becker – University of Utah

Dick Munro – Florida Gulf Coast University (4)

Alva Johnson – Southern Adventist University (6)

Jennifer LaFleur – American University (5)

Tom Scheck – University of Minnesota & University of Missouri

Sarah Mervosh – University of Notre Dame (4)

Janet Roberts – UNC-Chapel Hill (2)

Andrew Lehren – City University of New York (2)

Sam Roe – Columbia College Chicago (3)

Jon Schleuss – University of Arkansas

Richard Brunson – University of Central Florida (2)

ProPublica Illinois – (6)

Denise Malan – University of Arkansas (2)

Matt Drange – Humboldt State University

Denny Wilkins – St. Bonaventure University

Sam Roe – Columbia College Chicago

Andy Boyle – University of Nebraska – Lincoln (4)

Ron Campbell – Stanford University (4)

Russ Walker – University of Washington – Tacoma

Joey Stipek – University of Oklahoma

Andrew Becker – Westminster College

Andrew Becker – Brigham Young University

Beatrice Jin – Columbia University

Christopher Baxter – University of Maryland, College Park

Christopher Baxter – Ball State University

Christopher Baxter – University of Pittsburgh

Sean Sullivan – Rowan University

Sean Sullivan – Tulane University

Sean Sullivan – University of Massachusetts Amherst

Sean Sullivan – The New School

Lee Zurik – Loyola University (2)

Terri Langford – City University of London

Terri Langford – University of Texas at Arlington

Oscar Armas-Luy – William & Mary University

Denise Malan – University of Arkansas (2)

Denise Malan – Texas State University

Tyler Dukes – Elon University (2)

Tyler Dukes – Fayetteville State University

Tyler Dukes – North Carolina A&T State University

Matt Dempsey – University of Nevada (2)

Mike Stucka – University of Florida

Sarah Hutchins – Indiana University (2)

Matt Drange – Humboldt State University

Brett Murphy – UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism

Todd Wallack – Emerson University

Todd Wallack – Boston University

Ken Ward – West Virginia University

Gabe Schneider – El Camino College

Matt Kiefer – Northeastern Illinois University (3)

Megan Luther – University of the Incarnate Word

Cheryl Phillips – Stanford University (3)

Adriana Lacy – University of Texas

Adriana Lacy – Duke University

Adriana Lacy – Emerson College

Adriana Lacy – Arizona State University

Emma Carew Grovum – University of Southern California

Emma Carew Grovum – Western Michigan University

Emma Carew Grovum – Emerson College

Emma Carew Grovum – St. Anne’s College

Meghan Hoyer – Indiana University

Edie Rubinowitz – Northeastern Illinois University

Ken Ward – West Virginia University

Christian McDonald – University of Texas (4)

Matt Pearce – University of Missouri (2)

Melissa Lewis – De Anza College (2)

DJ Patil – De Anza College (4)

Ryan Martin – University of Missouri (2)

Aaron Kessler – University of Missour (2)

Lee Zurik – Syracuse University (2)

Andrew Chavez – University of Texas (4)

J. David McSwane – University of Texas

J. David McSwane – St. Edward’s University

J. David McSwane – Texas State University

Bethany Barnes – The University of Arizona (2)

Sam Gross – The University of Arizona

Trigie Ealey – The University of Arizona

Kim Stravers – The University of Arizona

Eric Eyre – University of South Florida (2)

Joe Yerardi – University of Missouri

Sarah Ryler – California Polytechnic State University

Sarah Ryler – University of Missouri

Cheryl W Thompson – University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Howard Berkes – University of Kentucky (2)

Amy Pyle – University of Utah

Amy Pyle – University of Florida

Ye Han – University of Missouri

Katie Townsend – University of Florida (2)

Doug Reynolds – Marshall University (2)

Gabrielle Bolivar – Portland State University

Alejandra Cancino – Northwestern University (2)

Christine Schmidt – Eastern Illinois Universtiy (2)

Emma Carew Grovum – University of Houston

Paige Williams – Columbia University

Bethany Barnes – University of Mississippi

Adam Playford – Washington Square News (2)

Roxanne Scott – CUNY

Joe Yerardi – University of Missouri

Jill Riepenhoff – Ohio University (4)

Howard Berkes – University of Utah (2)

Jennifer LaFleur – American University (4)

Alexa Díaz – The Daily Orange (4)

Tom Schck – University of Minnesota

Sean Driscoll – Indiana Daily Student

Sam Roe – Columbia College Chicago

Jill Riepenhoff – Indiana University (4)

Michelle Mizner – Boston College

Alexa Diaz – The Daily Orange (4)

Sam Roe – Columbia College Chicago

Nancy Copic – University of Portland (4)

Paige Jones – American Univeristy (4)

Taameen Mohammad – American University

Haley Samsel – American University (7)

David Aldridge – American University (2)

Rose Overstreet – American University

Fatima Zaidi – American University

Sara Wise – American University (2)

Marina Carrasco – American University

Courtney Rozen – American University

Chelsea Cirruzoo – American University (2)

Claire Shriver – American University (3)

Myra Fierro – American University (2)

Mark Lieberman – American University

Kate Magill – American University

Katya Podkovyroff Lewis – American University

Megan Yoder – American University

Nancy Hoffman – American University

Ben Cooper – American University

Cammy Clark – American University

Jacquie Lee – American University

Samantha Hogan – American University (2)

Brett Zongker – American University (2)

Margot Susca – American University/The Eagle (2)

Joey Cranney – The Temple News (2)

Josh Hinkle – Oklahoma State University (2)

Josh Hinkle – University of Missouri-Columbia (2)

Gabriel Greschler – University of San Francisco

Paige Williams – Yale University

Paige Williams – Pennsylvania State University

Todd Wallack – University of New Mexico

Todd Wallack – University of Florida

Todd Wallack – Stanford University

Todd Wallack – Amherst College

Todd Wallack – Northwestern University (2)

Todd Wallack – Harvard University

Todd Wallack – Southern University at New Orleans

Todd Wallack – University of Michigan

Todd Wallack – University of Southern California

Todd Wallack – Irvine Valley College

Todd Wallack – California State University, Fresno

Todd Wallack – Arizona State University (3)

Todd Wallack – University of Nevada

Todd Wallack – University of North Texas

Todd Wallack – University of Toronto

Todd Wallack – University of California, Los Angeles (2)

Todd Wallack – San Diego Mesa College

Sharon Machlis – Columbia Journalism School

Sharon Machlis – UC Berkeley

Paige Williams – Yale University

Paige Williams – University of Mississippi

Paul Schreiber – University of North Texas

Paige Williams – University of Mississippi

Josh Hinkle – St. Edward’s University (2)

Paul Schreiber – Northwestern Univeristy

Paul Schreiber – Emerson College

Paul Schreiber – University of Toronto

Mandy Hofmockel – New York University

Mandy Hofmockel – University of North Texas

Mandy Hofmockel – The George Washington University

Mandy Hofmockel – Boston University

Josh Hinkle – University of Missouri (2)

Mandy Hofmockel – Texas State University

Doug Banks – University of California San Diego

Doug Banks – Northwestern Univeristy (2)

Doug Banks – University of North Texas

Doug Banks – University of Nevada – Reno

Doug Banks – University of South Florida

Doug Banks – University of Wisconsin

Paul Schreiber – DePaul University (2)

Paul Schreiber – University of North Carolina

Paul Schreiber – St. Edward’s University (4)

Paul Schreiber – University of Oregon

Paul Schreiber – Sacred Heart University

Maggie Mulvihill – Marquette University (4)

Troy Thibodeaux – Stanford University


Maud Beelman

Donovan Myrie

Robert Salladay

Bethany Barnes

Brendan McCarthy

Peter Benjaminson

Ted Han

Anthony Pesce

Heather Ciras

Ryan Gabrielson

Sisi Wei

Bill Wareham

Andrew Becker

Maria O’Mara

Sam Roe

ProPublica Illinois

Kathleen McGrory

Ronald Campbell

Carli Brosseau

Kate Martin

Lucas Jackson

Leslie Eaton

Jon Keegan

David Herzog

Sam Roe

Allison Jarmanning

Lisa Song

Chad Cross