Analysis jobs by NICAR

For more than 20 years we’ve been doing data work for news organizations. We offer a number of different services; we’ll do the entire project or a small piece that you want to outsource. If you don’t have the resources, time, skill or tools to get it done, NICAR can help.

We’ll tackle almost anything, from data conversion to cleaning to full-blown analysis. We work with our own data and with data you provide. We charge an hourly rate based on  the difficulty of the job and your market size. We’ll give you a good-faith estimate before we start the work.

We always keep your data and your story ideas to ourselves. We’ll never share anything with anybody, ever, unless you give us explicit permission.


Types of jobs

Here are some examples of the types of jobs we’ve done in the past:

  • Conversion: dealing with a file format that you don’t recognize, such as .DAT or .XML? Or those pesky .PDFs? We can most likely help you convert those files into something more useful, such as .TXT or .XLS.
  • Importing: have a bunch of text files or spreadsheets that you want to analyze, but don’t want to spend the time doing the imports? Let us do them for you.
  • Cleaning: do you need text fields converted to dates, name fields split into first and last, or badly-formatted data put neatly into rows and columns? We love to clean data.
  • Mapping: if you have geographic data, we can map your data in ArcView and help you with spatial analysis.
  • Analysis: if you have data and questions but don’t know how to answer them, we can help you get the answers.


How to hire NICAR

Call us about potential jobs at (573) 882-1982 or email


Past clients

Organizations that have recently hired NICAR for data work include:

  • ABC Durham
  • Bloomberg News
  • CBS San Francisco
  • CBS Chicago
  • Center for Investigative Reporting
  • CNN
  • ESPN
  • Fayetteville Observer
  • The Investigative Fund
  • Kansas City Star
  • KHOU Houston
  • KIRO Seattle
  • KUSA Denver
  • KMAX Sacramento
  • KTVX Salt Lake City
  • KUOW Puget Sound
  • KY3 Springfield, Mo.
  • Marketplace
  • NBC San Francisco
  • NBC Charlotte
  • New England Center for Investigative Reporting
  • Orange County Register
  • ProPublica
  • Stamford Associate
  • Virginian-Pilot
  • WBEZ Chicago
  • Wisconsin Watch
  • WOAI San Antonio
  • WREG Memphis
  • WRIC Richmond
  • York Daily Record
  • Washington Post
  • WINK Southwest Florida
  • Women’s Enews
  • WTVG Toledo
  • Voice of San Diego