Boat Registration


Source U.S. Coast Guard
File Size 3.51 GB
Dates Covered As of June 2009
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This dataset, part of the Marine Information Safety and Law Enforcement System (MISLE), and Vessel Documentation System (VDS) databases, documents registration and ownership information of commercial and recreational vessels. It includes two datasets: one that includes only currently registered commercial vessels and large recreational boats; the other that includes all vessels, as well as those whose licenses have expired.Both tables document the size of the vessels, when and where they were built, their home port, and registration dates. The VESSDOC table includes ownership information.

Record layouts and samples of this database

Main documentation (NICAR_Readme.txt) 14.1 KB
Database schema (BoatReg.pdf) 238.5 KB
Sample Data, Vessel table (vessel_sample.xls) 113.9 KB
Sample Data, Vessdoc table (vessdoc_sample.xls) 126.5 KB
Record Layout, Vessel table (nicar_vessel_layout.txt) 9.7 KB
Record Layout, Vessdoc table (nicar_vessdoc_layout.txt) 3.9 KB

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