Use FOIA Machine to prepare, send and track your public records requests

Number 316
Subject FOIA
Speakers Michael Corey, Coulter Jones, Djordje Padejski, Shane Shifflett, Steven Melendez
Conference 2014 CAR Conference
Speaker Affiliation The Center for Investigative Reporting, MedPage Today, JSK Journalism Fellowships, The Huffington Post, independent journalist
Year 2014
Summary FOIA Machine aids journalists and citizens in accessing important government documents around the world that are covered by freedom of information laws. Speakers will demonstrate how journalists can use the platform in regular work and make the FOIA process more successful and organized. FOIA Machine is a new open source Web platform for preparing and managing FOI requests at all government levels. It helps users navigate FOI laws by automating submissions, creating requests in the proper format, making documents publicly available on the Web, and using the Web to rally support when governments are unresponsive. This session is good for: Anyone who files multiple public records requests or would like to be smarter about accessing public records.
Keywords freedom; information; public; records; data; 2014 Baltimore
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