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The IRE-L Mailing List serves as a forum on the techniques of investigative reporting and ideas for investigative stories.



To subscribe to IRE-L an e-mail should be sent to with the following request in the body of the message:

  • subscribe IRE-L first last

You will receive an e-mail confirming your subscription, and start receiving e-mails shortly thereafter. Gmail users, please check your SPAM folder if you don’t see a confirmation within a few minutes. Email if you have trouble signing-up.



To sign off from IRE-L, send email to with the following in the body of the message:

  • signoff IRE-L


  • unsubscribe IRE-L

You must unsubscribe from IRE-L using the address that you originally used to subscribe. If you no longer have access to that address, please email the list owner at


I’m subscribed to IRE-L, but I stopped receiving posts. Why did this happen?

What probably happened is that your mail server went down for a period of time during whichLISTSERV tried to send you a post. If your mailer becomes unavailable, then listserv will postpone all additional list mail to your address.

There’s any easy way to fix this. What you have to do is tell LISTSERV to stop postponing messages to your email account. You do this by emailing with the following message:

  • set ire-l mail ack

You should then get a confirmation message back letting you know that you’ll start receiving messages again.

Special note: If you have an AOL account, this will happen quite frequently. The problem is that AOL’s mail servers will suddenly decide to quit accepting new mail. Our suggestion is to go with a local internet service provider.

Special note: The administrators at have re-configured the list to minimize the number of bounced subscriptions. What was happening is that if your email host was unavailable when IRE-L or NICAR-L tried to deliver a message, instead of simply delaying delivery of that message and trying to send it again later, the list was configured to remove the subscriber whose email address was unavailable. This caused lots of us on the list major problems, esp. those with AOL accounts. We are glad to announce that the list no longer “bounces” subscribers off the list if your mailer is unavailable. It will simply delay sending the message and try again later.