H.I.S.D. Bilingual Teachers

Number 10647
Subject Education
Source KTRK-TV (Houston)
State Texas
Year 1994
Publication Date March, May
Summary "One of the largest school districts in the nation, the Houston Independent School District recruited critically-needed bilingual teachers from Central and South American countries.... (KTRK-TV) discovered many of those 'bilingual' teachers spoke no English, were unable to pass basic tests, and even had forged college transcripts... (KTRK) uncovered an immigration pipeline run by school district employees that let unqualified workers into the country to head Houston classrooms. While helping these recruits cheat on hiring tests and get around other program requirements, district employees also charged them fees for nonexistent lawyers, phony classes, and unneeded translations. Finally, the investigation also discovered that this same teacher hiring program had placed convicted felons as classroom instructors."
Category IRE Contest Entry
Pages 61
Keywords VIDEOCLIP TAPE TRANSCRIPT; Central and South America State audit reports; Immigration records fraud; personnel records
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