Poor Justice? The Susan Cummings Story

Number 14305
Subject Crime
Source KOMO-TV (Seattle)
State WA
Year 1997
Publication Date March 17, 1997
Summary "Susan Cummings was 16 years old when her elderly neighbor was raped, robbed and murdered. Two years later, she was arrested and charged with masterminding the crime. There was no physical evidence against her but the mere fact that she was friends with the victim, and her parents and siblings were in and out of trouble convinced the police Susan was guilty. ... Throughout this process Susan was offered deals. If she would accuse others -- her charges would be reduced. She refused - claiming she was innocent. Two other teens testified against Susan. Both cut deals - immunity for one and a lighter charge for the other. Based on their testimony alone Susan was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole...."
Category IRE Contest Entry
Pages 2
Keywords VIDEOCLIP TAPE; NO TRANSCRIPT; Criminal Justice System; prosecutorial misconduct; legal system; abuse of power; public defenders
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