A Family in Crisis

Number 15343
Subject Children
Source Columbia University
Year 1998
Publication Date March 22, 1998
Summary "A Family in Crisis" is the story about Michelle Ramirez and Stevie Torres who struggled to raise their six children in a crowded apartment in the Chelsea projects in New York City. For about 10 years, the family was familiar with the city's child and social welfare workers. They needed help to buy food and furniture. They also needed help registering their children in school. but the family continually managed. With the city's social welfare workers watching, Michelle and Stevie never lost custody of their children. Until last year when Diane Sawyer's office mad a well-intentioned by Poorly-directed call to New York City's child welfare agency. Five days later, the city took custody of the Ramirez children, despite reports from caseworkers showed no signs of abuse or neglect. This story examines many of the serious problems within New York City's child welfare agency.
Category IRE Contest Entry
Pages 47
Keywords TAPE; Chelsea projects; New York City; social welfare workers; child welfare workers; poverty; child welfare agency
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