Union Jacked: How DC 37 Became America's Most Indicted Municipal Union and The Big Fix: How the Union's Bosses Rule by Fraud and Intimidation

Number 16086
Subject Unions
Source Village Voice (New York)
State New York
Year 1999
Publication Date Aug. 31; Sept. 31, 1999
Summary This two-part investigation into a prominent New York City Union revealed persistent examples of fraud and abuse - ranging from Mafia connections to election rigging and voter fraud - in spite of the presence of a trustee appointed to monitor the union's activities.
Category Contest Entry
Pages 12
Keywords Gambino Greg DePalma Columbo crime family blue collar Anthony Scott Bertram "Buddy" Perkel DOL The Chief Robert Morgenthau Mob boss "Wild Bill" Cutolo corruption racketeering charity AFSCME threats patronage
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