"Monkey Business" and "A Dangerous Breed"

Number 16159
Subject Animals
Source ABC News 20/20
State NY
Year 1999
Publication Date Nov. 17 and Dec. 10, 1999
Summary ABC News 20/20 reports that "It's a thriving black market trade few know about: dangerous and diseased monkeys, right out of the country's most prestigious zoos and research labs, ending up as pets in backyards across America. In a two part series, ABC's .... Ross went behind the scenes of this trade to show how monkeys brought to this country solely for research and exhibition purposes are being mishandled and mistreated. As a result, thousands of researchers and unsuspecting members of the public run the risk of exposure to a deadly virus....."
Category Contest Entry
Pages 19
Keywords TAPE TRANSCRIPT Tulane University Emory University researcher Beth Griffin Department of Labor exotic animal trade primate centers pets Macaque herpes B virus
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