Road Warriors: A Tire Maker Finds Itself in a Maelstrom As Trial Lawyers Circle; Arkansas Suit Could Provide A Blueprint for Others; Cooper Says Products Safe; Chatting Up Ex-Employees

Number 17092
Subject Automobiles
Source Wall Street Journal (New York)
State New York
Year 2000
Publication Date Dec. 15, 2000
Summary The Wall Street Journal tells the story of Cooper Tire & Rubber Co., a bit player in the tire industry that is charged with producing faulty tires. Attorneys representing clients suing Cooper for its faulty tires spoke with ex-employees of the company and learned that Cooper had engaged in "awling," an obscure practice that resulted in some tires leaving the Cooper plant with small holes in the tread.
Category General
Pages 3
Keywords Cooper Tire & Rubber Co.;tires;automobiles;cars;faulty;tread;awling;holes;unsafe;Firestone
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