Hale House

Number 18667
Subject Fraud
Source Daily News (New York)
State New York
Year 2001
Publication Date April 1 - Nov. 25
Summary An investigation by the New York Daily News reveals that "one of America's most revered children's charities" -- the Hale House -- is actually a fraud. Lorraine Hale, the daughter of Mother Clara Hale, who started the Hale House, was using "donors' money as her personal piggy-bank, including a $1.3-million secret slush fund with a phantom person as the cosigner on the account." Lorraine Hale also "neglected the children in her care. No one, but no one, would have ever believed the daughter of Mother Hale could betray the name and beloved institution started more than 30 years ago."
Category Contest Finalist
Pages 61
Keywords Mother Hale;Hale House;slush fund;embezzlement;Lorraine Hale;nonprofits;donations
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