Prophecies of Terror, Attacking bin Laden, The Hunt for bin Laden, The Merchants of Mass Destruction

Number 18831
Subject Terrorism
Source CBS News 60 Minutes
State NY
Year 2001
Publication Date Sept. 12, 19, Oct. 3, Dec. 19
Summary A four-part CBS News investigative series reports into the "closed world of Osama bin Laden." The first part features an interview with a former Pakistani intelligence officer, mentor and friend of bin Laden, who warns that America has no idea of the might of Islam in a potential holy war. The second report examines the 1998 missile attack against bin Laden, and the role it played to transform the terrorist into a hero. The third part looks at bin Laden through the eyes of the people of his inner circle and other Muslims, and reveals that they view him as an "Islamic Robin Hood," who supports widows and orphans. The fourth part discovers that chemical and biological weapons from the old Soviet Union stockpile are being sold in the Afghan black market.
Category Contest Entry
Pages 24
Keywords TAPE;TRANSCRIPT;charity;orphanages;Islam;Muslims;religion;Jihad;holy war;Saudi Arabia;Sept. 11;World Trade Center
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