Debate as rare as 'no' votes on Cook County Board

Number 20961
Subject County Government
Source Chicago Reporter
State IL
Year 2003
Publication Date July/August 2003
Summary This investigation found that Cook County Commissioners say they have little power as individuals, and have no defined, specific responsibilities. Many say most of the items that come before them are routine "housekeeping" matters. The board passed every one of the thousands of items that came before it in the last three years, and lobbying and back-room compromises often took the place of open debate and negotiation. The commissioners also defend practices of county leaders hiring friends and political associates.
Category Contest Entry
Pages 13
Keywords Cook County;budget;County Clerk;treasurer;sheriff;state attorney;county finances;Cook County Board;county commissioners;finance committee;Cook County Sheriff's Department;Legislation and Intergovernmental Relations Committee;Illinois Open Meetings Act;Department of Public Health
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