Chicago Matters: Money matters

Number 22300
Subject Financial Investigations
Source Chicago Reporter
State IL
Year 2005
Publication Date Jan/Feb, Sep/Oct, Nov/Dec issues
Summary These three series; "Chasing the Dream," Paycheck to Paycheck," and "Paper Bag Test," examined how money and financial matters affects different individuals and families around Chicago. "Chasing the Dream" revealed that whites earning less than $30,000 a year had a better chance of getting home loans than blacks earning more than $90,000 a year."Paycheck to Paycheck" revealed that thousands of families don't earn what they need just to meet their basic expenses. "Paper Bag Test" showed that the major retailers have three times the number of outlets in the predominantly white areas of Chicago than in the predominantly black areas.
Pages 57
Keywords personal finance;home loans;mortgages;poverty level;racial discrimination;racism;neighborhood businesses
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