Getting Away with Murder?

Number 22527
Subject Murders
Source KUSA-TV (Denver)
State CO
Year 2005
Publication Date 09/21/05; 09/22/05; 10/17/05; 10/20/05
Summary The authors investigated the death of Barbara Yaklich in 1977 that had been ruled as natural. But as the investigation delved deeper suspicions were raised about the possibility that this woman had been murdered by her husband, a local narcotics detective. The man, Dennis Yaklich, had been killed by his second wife in 1985, who claimed she had been the victim of severe spousal abuse, at that time not a valid defense.
Category Computer-Assisted Reporting
Pages 21
Keywords domestic violence;spousal abuse;Barbara Yaklich;Donna Yaklich;Dennis Yaklich;murder;Department of Corrections;Pueblo County Sheriffs Department
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