Program Disorder

Number 22629
Subject Health Care
Source New York Times
State NY
Year 2005
Publication Date 07/18/2005; 07/19/2005; 10/17/2005; 10/18/2005; 11/23/2005; 12/23/2005
Summary The New York Times exposed massive fraud, waste and poor oversight in New York State's Medicaid program. Individual doctors bilked the program millions of dollars, and the state allowed costs to explode to a point that forced cuts in services and shifting of costs to county governments. One doctor was prosecuted as a result of the story. The program was also so byzantine that eligible recipients were kicked off for minor paperwork errors.
Category Computer-Assisted Reporting
Pages 55
Keywords FOI;Medicaid;New York;health care;fraud;waste;state government;medicine;doctors
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