Patients in Danger: The Caremark Investigation

Number 22808
Subject Health Care
Source KHOU-TV (Houston)
State TX
Year 2006
Publication Date 02/06/2006; 02/07/2006
Summary Caremark, one of the biggest health-care organizations in the nation, was failing to provide necessary health care to customers. KHOU's investigation found that this included Caremark limiting dosages and refill amounts for necessary drugs like insulin for diabetics or anti-rejection drugs for transplant patients, often going against the physician's written prescription. Caremark employees in multiple states had a mandate to change these prescriptions as the company attempted to save money. In addition, "used" medications which had been returned to Caremark were simply relabeled and sent out again without testing. This practice is illegal, because for instance a drug like insulin loses half its effectiveness if not properly refrigerated. Also, Caremark employees informed KHOU of cover-ups that occurred during government inspections.
Category Contest Finalist
Pages 35
Keywords Drugs; Caremark; insulin; health care; prescription
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